Wesley Snipes, A True Patriot, Taking On The NWO

Last month, Wesley Snipes was indicted in Florida on eight charges of fraud. He has been accused of failing to file tax returns for six years, and hes been slandered in the media. Earlier this week news broke of a deal with Snipes, but There is no deal. Snipes is currently in Namibia shooting the horror film "Gallowwalker." Namibia does not have any extradition treaty with the US, so the IRS is at a slight disadvantage for now.

According to his friend,
(and producer of "freedom to fascism") Aaron Russo, Snipes is getting everything in order before he comes out to defend himself against the IRS. Russo has been in contact with Snipes via email, and today he told a national radio show (The Alex Jones Show) that Wesley Snipes is completely aware of the New World Order, and that the tax sytem is a fraud. Snipes did not "fail to pay his taxes" he knew he did not have to.

Wesley Snipes has been receiving unfair press because of the ignorance of some TV personalities, and the dishonesty of their research teams.

Do your own research and learn how the IRS has made you their slave.

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