Alex Jones Hits the Main Stream.

Amazon, Netflix, Barnes and Noble, and Virgin are just a few of the stores carrying his latest movie, Terrorstorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism. It began to reach the shelves on Halloween and has quickly raced to the top 100 on Amazon, 63 at last check, this movie is going to the top! Out of the 37 reviews, 37 gave Terrorstorm 5/5 stars. Jones packed this documentary with information that may make your head explode.
check out the preview...

America has been hijacked, and its time to take it back. So many people have come out in support of this movie, its phenomenal. Terrorstorm is climbing on Amazon's top 100, and that sends a strong message to those of us who seem to be surrounded by an uninformed, disinterested public. People are "awake" , and will continue to spread the word. Alex Jones is risking his life to bring this information out into the light, its up to everyone to do something with it.

Go buy a couple of copies, or the real terrorists will win.