Wal*Mart is Ruining America

With Thanxgiving behind us, we can focus on ...shopping season (which began 5 AM Friday morning). People were lined up outside of every mall, and big box retailer across America, awaiting "all the bargains". Wal*Mart is slashing their prices again this year to attract the masses, (and destroy the last few independent stores). People get excited and they cant resist, but they should know that shopping at Wal*Mart is un-American and is turning America into a slave state.
Wal*Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices is a movie that every American should see. Help end Wal*Mart's rule over our cities and towns. There is a part of this documentary that is filmed in China, those workers can not or will not stand up for themselves and their rights, but we have to, otherwise we will end up looking more like them.

Watch the whole movie here, and buy a few copies of it here.

America can not survive with this kind of disregard for our country.