Automated Targeting System, or ATS

The Department of Homeland Security has taken the war on terror into another battle against the American people and our freedom. Automated Targeting System, or ATS is the latest from Chertoff and his group of merry thugs. Travelers, American included, are being given a "score" based on the risk you pose to the security of this country. The ATS is said to be trying to find anyone who "may not have been previously associated with a law enforcement action or otherwise be noted as a person of concern to law enforcement."
This is chilling, especially with H.R. 6166 in clear view.

To find the fictitious terrorist among the innocent travelers, they have created a new system, with original standards, to determine a "score" to label you with, this information is PRIVATE,and will only be shared with an elite few, DHS, and other law enforcement, congress, some courts, and even private corporations. YOU are who they want to keep their findings from (this has got to have a psychological affect on people, secret government lists!)
They will not say where they get any extra information about you from, and they will not tell you what anything in their file about you says and they give a cold explanation of why Americans will be denied access to their file.. "an individual might not be aware of the reason additional scrutiny is taking place, nor should he or she" because that might compromise the ATS' methods.
Perhaps your that "enemy combatant" they are looking for, they will check your "score" to see if you are marked, "suspicious", and if you are, they will take you out of line and harass you, (im sure they'll ask for "your papers" too) unprovoked harassement by law enforcement, TYRANNY!! What is suspicious here is the actions of our government waging war on our freedoms. They are going to determine who's a criminal and who is not, based on information they retrieve illegally.

Since they are unsure of whos a criminal they intend to treat us all like criminals. America does not want to sacrifice freedom for ANYTHING!