Democrats Will Not Escape Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan made her presence known on Capital Hill chanting "de-escalate, investigate, troops home now!" Rahm Emanuel was (ironically) ready to unveil the democrats "ethics legislation", when Sheehan and her crew of anti-war protesters shooed him back behind closed doors.
They do not want to talk domestic policy, it was clear why America came out on November 7th 2006, they voted against the war in Iraq, and in favor of bringing the troops home, and Sheehan is not going to let that slide.

What will these men and women on their third, fourth, and fifth tours in Iraq tell us when they come home, and settle in with their families? Perhaps the horror they are experiencing cannot be allowed to be shared with America and the world, and that is why Democrats and Republicans are keeping them there to die. Or maybe they are not done with their desensitization training, readying them for the New World Order.

Whatever the case may be, those of you who would like to label Cindy Sheehan a "left gatekeeper" should hold that thought a little longer, because this is her fight, and right now her fight is unveiling the Democrats bullshit rather quickly, three days into the new year and she wants ACTION from these posers. Three days in and she's on the front lines in their faces unafraid of their power, telling them to PUT UP OR SHUT UP, and go home.
Where were you while she was shouting at the Democrats, even louder than she has shouted at the Republicans in the past?