Today while I was listening to The Alex Jones show, Mike from Toronto
called in with groundbreaking news about the BBC's LIVE Coverage from
September 11th.

Jane Standley reports LIVE from NY at 4:57pm est that the Salomon
Brothers Building, (which was building
World Trade Center Building
number 7
), had collapsed, due to fire. She reports this collapse while standing
with that exact building in the background of the shot, its actually
right over her shoulder! Intact! Officially WTC 7, the Salomon
Brothers Building
, fell at 5:20pm.

The BBC announces it, 23 minutes before, that's some heavy intel.

As if an admission of guilt, minutes after Mike from Toronto read the title of the video, Google expunged it. The screen read "this video is no longer available" by
the time I tired to find it, no more than ten minutes after his call.
Obviously, they are watching and listening to The Alex Jones Show.
They are censoring the news. This is your wake up call.

The only way I was able to put this up on Google was by naming it
something totally unrelated to the actual video. In fact that's a
great experiment, try to upload this to google using a similar title,
see how long it will last,
Prison Planet tried on you tube, and within hours its gone too. Our freedoms are dwindling.

Building number 7 has had controversy surrounding its collapse since 911. Firefighters, and first responders on video shouting, get back, this building is about to blow up. Larry Silverstein, the man who made over five billion dollars from the towers collapsing, was on PBS saying (6 min in) "and they made that decision to pull so we watched
the building collapse"
It is impossible to wire a building with explosives in a single afternoon, its also impossible to wire a building thats on fire.

"never before or after 911 have steel framed high rise buildings
collapsed because of fire"

This Breaking News is bringing their deceit into the light, the
questions should be pouring from the people of the world right this
second, instead the news readers say nothing, and the flicker lulls
the masses to sleep.

Not this time, this is big, and it's breaking
This is our responsibility, spread the truth, fight through the
censors, big brother is watching and listening and is trying to tear
down the truth, write the press, write congress, email everyone you

The Truth Will Set Us Free!


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