Breaking News Ed and Elaine Brown are Surrounded!

(early Sunday morning July 29th)
12:45 am

Danny Riley called in to We The People Radio network, asking listeners to the support the Browns, call the Sheriffs department in Plainfield New Hampshire, or come to the house to diffuse the situation.
About 50- 100 yards from the house Riley estimates 30 men in the woods, but its impossible to tell, because "its pitch black out here." Shots have been fired not directly at the house, perhaps an attempt to get the Browns to shoot back, to "give them a reason" to go in after Ed and Elaine.
They are asking those who were willing to fight for The Browns to COME NOW!
UPDATE: 1.34 am
There is still movement in the woods, but no further gunfire. Danny Riley says that Ed Brown believes that this is a test.
Hopefully Ed is right.
5am update
Danny Riley said that there was a group of people shaking an RV on the Browns property that is situated about 70 yards from the house. A guest of the Browns simply known as Jim had been inside his RV alone, unarmed. When the shaking stopped he called into the radio network as he walked to the house by himself. If they were going to get him they were going to have to do it on live radio. Fortunately he made it into the house just at the first light of dawn.
Keep making calls to Main Stream Media like
WMUR -1 800 257 5151
This story needs to be covered, American citizens are under attack, being terrorized by men in masks.
The address of the Browns is:
401 Center Town Road
Plainfied New Hampshire 03781
Go there if you are near by, show support in large numbers,let them know that,
The World is Watching!