NWO Trading Cards: A Powerful New Weapon in the Infowar

Scheduled for release on October first, NWO Trading Cards has a new video teaser that offers a quick glimpse at the cards.

Press Release: September 2007
From:NWO Trading Cards

The first series of NWO Trading Cards is almost complete. Throughout the "Summer of Freedom" the creators of NWO Trading Cards have been researching and developing a product, unlike any other, to assist in the infowar.

NWO Trading Cards are not a deck of standard playing cards They are for trading, collecting, or using as a tool to help awaken the sleeping masses. NWO Trading Cards feature patriots, who fight for freedom against the New World Order, as well as those, who have instead chosen to align themselves with the New World Order, pushing the agenda forward.

Some NWO Trading Cards are more rare than others, and each card is packed with information, accomplishments, failures, controversy, and hard hitting facts that will keep you well versed for the infowar. Inside many of the packs is a chance to win great prizes, like a free pack of NWO Trading Cards, tee-shirts, movies, books, shortwave radios, Berkey Water Filter Systems, and much more.

The research is an ongoing process, new cards are being added regularly. The research team is headed by Amy de Miceli and Jay de Miceli whose work has been featured on The Jones Report, Black Listed News, Illuminati Conspiracy Archive, No One Has to Die Tomorrow, Media for Freedom, and many other great blogs and news sites. The research has been compiled so that NWO Trading Cards are accessible for the young, old and everyone in between. They will be able to reach those people who have not yet heard any of the important information being blacked out by the main stream media. Movies and books are valuable tools, but not always effective, the attention span of many in this fast paced world is limited, but NWO Trading Cards will reach that target.

NWO Trading Cards is a quality product handcrafted by American patriots. An important part of the manufacturing of NWO Trading Cards was to ensure that the cards were produced with only American made products. Each layer from the ink and the glue, to the packaging has met those standards. You can buy a pack of NWO Trading Cards with confidence, knowing that your purchase is helping to sustain American jobs while simultaneously fighting the New World Order, because all proceeds are returned to the infowar. Get ready to Choose Your Side, the secure online shopping cart will be operational on October 1, 2007 and expect to see NWO Trading Cards at your local mom and pop shop by mid-October!