We The People Support Ron Paul!

It was an exciting day, watching as donations flooded Ron Paul's website. He has raised more than 7.2 million dollars so far this quarter. Yesterday, Ron Paul netted more than 4.2 million dollars breaking records, commanding attention. Trevor Lyman deserves much of the credit, he is the Ron Paul supporter turned marketing mastermind, who came up with the million dollar plan. Ron Paul began to talk about the idea in speeches and interviews, and the word quickly spread to Remember Remember the Fifth of November.

The Main Stream Media began reporting the news today, reluctantly. Here is Wolf Blitzer attempting to confuse things with the "donation vs. pledge" dilemma.

Some Main Stream Reports On the Money Bomb

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Ron Paul Raises More Than $4.2 Million

New York Times --Ron Paul Raises More Than $4 Million in One Day

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CBN News --
Ron Paul's $4.2 Million Record-Setting Day

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Ron Paul Is Money

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