Brzezinski vs. Clinton vs. Us : "Survival of the Fit, Only the Strong Survive"

Earlier this week, in an interview on Hot 97, (a new york based radio station) Prodigy of Mobb Deep endorsed Ron Paul. Prodigy was asked about Barack Obama several times during the interview. Peter Rosenberg, of Hot 97 was shamelessly trying to get an Obama endorsement out of the artist, but Prodigy came out swinging for Ron Paul.

"Are you at all interested in seeing what happens with Barack Obama?"
Prodigy smiles, but ignores the question, "yah I've been looking at this dude Ron Paul, hes been exposing a lot of things that need to be talked about." Rosenberg tried yet again, but he was shut down with Prodigy's message of freedom.

"I don't care if your a black president, its all about freedom...Its not about your color, its not about your religion its about our freedoms getting taking away from us right now, everybody needs to come together as a people to protect our freedoms"

It's not just Prodigy, they are pushing Barack Obama down every ones throat (just ask
Larry Sinclair). Pundints are even calling it the Obama Cult, but he is not anything like his followers are hoping for. They chant for change, but Obama is just another tool of the puppeteers of old. CFR member, Trilateral Commission founder, Bilderberger; Zbigniew Brzezinski is his national security adviser. He will make more war and strip us of our freedoms, just like the rest. Obama is just another globalist pawn, this is out of control, the choices are as dull as Coke and Pepsi. Hillary has proven herself to be aligned with Bush, just look at her voting record, and John McCain wrote the Amnesty bill and he's ready to bomb Iran. McCain, Clinton or Obama, each one of these globalists have the same plans in mind. But Ron Paul is still in the race, and there are so many different things that could change between now and November that could benefit his campaign. Ron said it himself in a video released earlier this week,
"there may be a lot of information on the other two candidates that will come out that will alter this election completely and totally"
Right now none of these people will be any different than the Bush in place, and right now he's threatening the American people! Push the eavesdropping bill through the House or else,
"terrorists are planning new attacks on our country ... that will make Sept. 11 pale by comparison." None of the three Senators running for president voted against it; Not nearly good enough.

We are losing our freedoms and the people are waking up.

This Revolution is on and will continue.
"Survival of the fit, only the strong survive!"