Ron Paul Rocks Miami!

On Sunday, Ron Paul was in Miami Florida at the Univision Debate, and his supporters lined up waving flags, holding signs, and cheering for him everywhere he went. Early in the day Ron Paul supporters stood outside the famous Versailles restaurant, welcoming him to Miami. "...a great symbol at Versailles, that the Cubans have welcomed the one man who is for liberty and freedom." Later, everyone resurfaced across the street from the Univision Debate for a rally. There was no one supporting anyone else (...Ok there was a Mitt Romney supporter, walking by himself down Ponce De Leon Blvd and there was an alleged duo carting Huckabee signs). Or perhaps they were overshadowed by the Ron Paul Revolution, (because it is big). A subject that the Main Stream Media ignore and Sunday was no different, their cameras were far enough away from the rally and they could tell their viewers whatever story they wanted, and that's just what they did.
Sunday night, CBS 4 Miami ran a report that was a sham, a malicious Ron Paul black out. Ileana Varela begins the tale, as she mindlessly promotes a couple of ways the New World Order would like to dismantle America: amnesty and global warming. She "reports" about the "Pro-Immigrant Legalization Alliance of Florida", a group with no web page, and yields only one hit from google (as of sunday night) which delivers a single message: go to the Univision Debate, its from Millie Herrera, the president of the Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida. One of these people gets on camera to spew incredible disinformation. He claims to be out there to support twelve million of "OUR CITIZENS THAT DO NOT HAVE PROPER DOCUMENTATION." That is just crazy! There were about eight supporters of this phantom alliance, and even fewer from a group CBS identified as, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.
No mention from CBS about the hundred plus (around 150 at that spot) Ron Paul supporters who were on hand. It is also troublesome that both of the groups CBS reported as being at the rally, had some discrepancies about actually being there, while the well documented Ron Paul supporters were are blacked out, cut out and scrapped. One thing is clear however, the report was meant to deceive people, what they ran was pure propaganda, they are shills pushing an agenda they may not even understand, but thats no excuse for lack of integrity.
What they fully failed to report was the sea of Ron Paul signs, and the roaring crowd, "Ron Paul! Ron Paul!" Off to the side there was a group of three, who were holding climate change signs, hardly worth recognition, they were from 1 Sky and their rhetoric was flat and vague; "everyone agrees" and "too much carbon in the air," luckily a Ron Paul supporter seemed to know more details about the global warming swindle, and closes down a debate rather quickly with the topic of population control, "...plus most of these groups have population reduction agendas, and that's pretty scary stuff." But before they left, most of the climate change guys were asking for more
Ron Paul trading cards,one guy said he was gonna need like fifty of them.
There was also a bit of a chaotic scene when Univision was ready to film, the talent got out of the van, the lights went on, the camera was set up and then the commotion began. In flocked these seven people they were yelling about immigration and excitement was building quickly. The 1 Sky group was on their way, we better get over to the Univision truck. But it was too late, Ron Paul banners were all over it, and his supporters were fired up, the chanting was loud, and Univision kept delaying, (Ron Paul was ruining it!) the amnesty handful were getting rowdy, "they are here for us not you, go away" they were worked up, and irrational, but that didnt matter, "this is why we love America lady...we can stand where we want!" The camera is on and they were ready, but it was just too much for them.
Somehow they thought they could film this tiny story in the middle of this massive one, without letting anyone know the massive one even existed. It was not going to happen, and the crowd eventually dispersed. The amnesty group (who CBS 4 identifies as, the Pro-Immigrant Legalization Alliance of Florida) left immediately, and the rally went on. I watched the debate with most of the group, at Titanic Brewery, it was refreshing to sit in a room full of people who get what is going on and whats at stake. But it lasted only so long, because then I watched the Univision audience exit the debate, and everyone looked miserable, it was even exhausting to look at them, and sadly they just had no clue why.

In Miami no one cared about Romney, Mccain, Huckabee, Giuliani, or Thompson it was just Ron Paul, all day long, Ron Paul. And maybe that's because he never quits. After a long day of interviews and debating Ron Paul showed up at the Titanic Brewery, and said a few words, before he caught a plane. It was amazing to see, he talks to everyone, shakes hands, takes pictures, signs stuff, he is happy. He is in a position that few have ever been in, he really is a big deal and while standing in a room packed with his supporters you can really feel it. Ron Paul has taken the problems we are facing, head on, a huge burden. It is time to give him whatever he needs to win our country back!

On December 16th celebrate Tea Party'07, this is going to be bigger than the fifth of November. Gave your max already? Well, He's got a blimp!

h/t dan berkovitz for the snaps