Marion Cotillard: French Anti-Americanism at an All Time High

"I think we’re lied to about a number of things"

Just one week ago french actress Marion Cotillard won the Academy Award for Best Actress, but this week the main stream media is looking to take her out of the picture.
In an interview for Paris Premiere-Paris Derniere, (from over a year ago) Cotillard was asked about September eleventh, and what she found most troubling about the official story. She talks about a building in Spain that burned for 24 hours without collapsing. She was referring to the 32-story Windsor Building in Madrid. That building was similar in design to the twin towers, and burned at temperatures of 800ºC for more than 18 hours, but did not collapse like the towers.
Marion Cotillard's questions are shared by millions from around the world, including Americans who are demanding answers. But they spin this story so far that we are literally watching them turn our questions about 9/11 into a Thought Crime.
The Telegraph reports that the actress is likely to face a backlash for questioning 9/11, and in the extended version the author Peter Allen goes even further. He is clever, declaring the official story TRUTH, and Marion Cotillard will be shunned for "openly" questioning "the truth," (implying that such things shouldnt be questioned at all).
He then calls the French native anti-American, "News of her anti-Americanism comes as Franco-American relations appear to be thawing." Quite a leap. The controlled press is telling us how to feel about people questioning 9/11 story and they have announced how we should be treated. Allen predicts that Marion may have committed career suicide and her comments are "likely to leave her Hollywood career in tatters."

Quite a hit piece on both 9/11 Truth and Marion Cotillard.
She should be commended, although she was not a household name a year ago, she was an up and coming international actress. Hopefully she will not back away from her comments.

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