Taking Action With We Are Change NYC

Today was a good day for 9/11 Truth, just like the eleventh day of every month many people hit the streets to get the word out. We drove into New York City from New Jersey, under a bright blue sky... with straight white clouds and planes at high altitudes going back and forth. These days its rare to have a day with no chemtrails above, but it was nonetheless a nice day, perfect weather.
We met up with We Are Change in Columbus Circle at Central Park where several people had gathered. We met an older gentleman who had been at the very same spot surrounded by soap boxes in 1931. He remembers it being the place where he caught a lot of heat one time from his father. After a crowd formed around someone speaking out on their soapbox, a man showed him and his friends a fist full of coins and threw them up into the crowd. The plan was for the boys to cause havoc under every ones feet, so the crowd would disperse, but his father stopped him, it wasn't worth the money. That spot became a big problem and traffic was eventually rerouted to make it a less convenient place to get to.

Today they are using fear and intimidation tactics to keep people in line, the city is covered with cops and they carry M-16's on the subways. It is difficult not to worry about why they would need a weapon like that, but the street action went on with few problems this afternoon. There was a group of about fifteen people handing out fliers and holding signs. Most people took the information as they went on their way, some stopped to read the signs, and only a few people didn't like what we had to say. But all around there was a lot of enthusiasm from everyone, many who passed by were interested in finding truth, saying they know the official story is flawed and they agree with a new investigation. The blatant lies have become too numerous for many to accept, and perhaps on the next eleventh day they will be mad enough to stand up and speak out too.