"The US Banking Collapse was a Controlled Demolition"

What does the rest of the world know that we don't? The United States Dollar is dead.

While we are being jerked around by the main stream media here at home, the rest of the world has already drawn the final conclusion for us, and what they are saying about us isn't pretty.

We are in the middle of a crisis much larger than most Americans could imagine, a portion of America cant even handle it for that matter. The Bailout is an awful idea, and the majority of Americans realize that. There is even a provision that would grant Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson dictatorial powers, and that is obviously insane, but here we are debating it. Its like asking a dead man whether he wants to be buried or cremated, its a non issue and Congress is just playing a game, to distract the American people. We need to move ahead, and we should begin with taking our country back from the tyrants.

Hank Paulson, has already taken control of the US banking system, journalist and expert economist Max Keiser comparesPaulson to the 9/11 hijackers, calling him a financial terrorist. Keiser has been making his rounds on international broadcasts including France 24 and Press TV where he compares the collapse of the US banking system to WTC 7 - "a controlled demolition".

Our news is being filtered and the rest of the world is ready to write us off. China has asked domestic banks to stop lending to U.S. financial institutions, to prevent losses. America has relied on borrowing money from foreign lenders, China was one of the largest lenders.We have put ourselves in debt to China, and they have cut us off.

Meanwhile the President of the United States is trying to scarethe American peoplethreatening-support the Bailout or face more bank failures and a stock market crash, 401K's will evaporate, home prices will plummet, and foreclosures will rise. Sadly we face all of these things plus much worse, with or without the bailout, and our president is deceiving us and he's being aided by the media.

During his speech on Wednesday, Bush claimed to have been informed by, "The government's top economic experts" and they are warning us, "without immediate action...America could slip into a financial panic and a distressing scenario would unfold."

These experts are the same ones that have mislead us. Many people have been predicting this for many years, lets listen to some other economists. Today Senator Shelby, ranking Republican on the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs, met with the President and brought with him a 5 page list of the nations leading economists, who donot agree with the Bailout Proposal.

The veil has been lifted for those who have eyes to see it. We are being shown who is in control of America, it is what many of us know already, the bankers- the central bank. It is a sickening display.

Right now we are relying on the rest of the world, if they continue to dump pr threaten to dump our dollar, we are sunk, and if our representatives pass the Bailout, and the Fed "prints" all those Billions of dollars, (trillions when its all said and done) we are sunk. Our dollar will be worthless, eithor way, they are taking it to zero.

It is not an ideal situation but we are in it and there are other factorsbringing us to our knees.

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) our gasoline inventories are the lowest since 1967. The southeast is running out of gas, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College in North Carolina has shut down, and AAA reports that Nashville TN has the worst gas shortage, 85% of the gas stations are closed, and where you can find fuel, the wait can be 4 hours long. Add that to the flood damaged wheat, corn and soybean cropsand our supermarket shelves will be getting thin.

What will happen when we are hungry and broke? They would expect us to be upset about that. Bush can declare himself a dictator at any time, according to PDD 51, and implement martial law for any reason.In early September the an article from theArmy Times went virtually unnoticed for a couple of weeks. They reported that troops will be patrolling our streets,

"The 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team has spent 35 of the last 60 months in Iraq patrolling in full battle rattle, helping restore essential services and escorting supply convoys.Now they’re training for the same mission — with a twist — at home.

Beginning Oct. 1 for 12 months, the 1st BCT will be under the day-to-day control of U.S. Army North, the Army service component of Northern Command, as an on-call federal response force for natural or man ade emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks."

We are on our own people.

Congress is putting on a terrific show,the Bankers will get what they want, the original bailout proposal was a prop. A bailout will not affect whether or not we have heartache at home, it only affects how long it will last, and how ugly it will get. Congress is merely making a final attempt at looking sincere, they have been profiting all along.The main stream media has no loyalty to America either, their strings are pulled the same way by the same people. America has been hijacked, we have lost everything, and now they want to leave us broke and homeless on the continent our fathers conquered.

We cannot let that happen, get the mist out of your eyes and Stand.