The American People Don't Negotiate With Economic Terrorists

On Monday we the people rallied together to deliver one of the biggest blows to Wall Streets wicked agenda, wounding the banking cartel. They made every attempt to assemble their congressional pawns but they were not able to align themselves in time. We proved that when we utilize our collective voice we produce change, we don't have to HOPE for it, we are change! Make no mistake, however, they will be back, the bankers have a firm grip, and they will use everything they have to squeeze us into submission.

After they could no longer hide behind lies, Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke began threatening us. Last Wednesday our President came on television to instill fear, signaling congress to join the campaign of terror. They should be arrested, they have hijacked our government, and destroyed it from the inside out. Now the main stream media has been enlisted to propagandize their Economic Terrorism. They say the stock market will crash, and your pensions will disappear, your home will be foreclosed on, and ultimately unless this bailout bill passes, America will face another Great Depression. These are just fear tactics hoping to reverse our victory.

Almost immediately after the votes were in, CNBC began shaking their heads at us. Their stance was firm: rejecting this bailout does not hurt Wall Street alone it will hurt main street too- omitting the fact that we are already suffering.

The fed has spent
about one trillion dollars bailing out wall street so far this year, and those are just numbers we can keep track of. The total amount of liquidity that has been pumped into the markets is not available to the public. We do know the fed dropped 180 billion dollars into the markets, last Tuesday, and on Monday 630 Billion more was poured in, that's almost another trillion in just two days worth of injections. They add more nearly every day. The printing presses have been running non-stop, (that's why they call him helicopter Ben Bernanke) and it goes on with or without congressional approval. Our dollar has already collapsed.

As the attempts are made to turn us against each other, blaming the financial collapse on the failure of the bills passage remember the Patriot Act, and the Military Commissions Act, the Fannie and Freddie bailout bill, and all the legislation they have used to destroy our Constitution. For the most part it has been easy for the members of congress to sit in Washington while their apathetic constituents barely notice the lawmakers messing the country up. But when an informed public joins the process, they begin to fear their return trip home to their districts where constituents are ready with pitchforks.

With our triumph on Monday, you can bet that the stock markets will fall dramatically, and every day they will terrorize us a little more. As each day passes the blackmail will begin for the members of congress who have not given in to the bankers. Any prostitutes, pedophilia, payoffs, bribes, drugs, anything that can be used against them will be, to turn their
nays to ayes, the scandals will roll down Capital Hill. Pawns are easily sacrificed.

Continue to call your Representatives, your calls overwhelmed them 300 hundred to one opposed to the bailout. This was a big win for us but we cannot give up, tell them we don't negotiate with terrorists. We are on our feet don't let them bring us to our knees.