Me Myself and Roy Shivers: The Story of DL Abrahamson

At first glance DL Abrahamson was a welcomed change. Someone who was looking for truth, and uncovering some different types of information. Abrahamson had articles published on various news sites and has had a radio show on RBN, GCN and WTPRN. He also has an alternate personality that he calls, "Roy Shivers," ...whose a rapper. He writes lyrics in support of Ron Paul, and has a song called, 9/11: Inside Job. What is strange is that Roy Shivers totally contradicts DL Abrahamson. DL is openly calling 9/11 truth, a cult with infiltrated leadership and Ron Paul a psyop, whose supporters have been brainwashed.

On his September 17th radio show he had plenty of bad things to say. According to DL, Cindy Sheehan is a coward, We are change are wasting their time while Ron Paul is a waste of time, Bob Bowman cannot be trusted and he goes on with the negative reviews, making positive comments only about Webster Tarpley. For two hours he builds one strawman argument after the next about people who question 9/11, or the legality of the income tax. Here is the two hour show: right click, save target as:
hour 1 - hour 2.

He has got to be some kind of a disinfo agent with a split personality, on his website, False Flag News, (at the bottom of the page) it says, "I am Roy Shivers, international journalist and tortured genius." I am not sure if that is arrogance or something more ominous. He has posted a couple of short videos called "Guess that 9/11 Cultist," where DL does some impersonations.

A couple of his posts have been removed from his site in the last few hours, including the video of the "9/11 Cultist Game." Since the video may be removed entirely, his description for the video read:
"The 911 cultists are a growing nationwide group of extremists who deny directed energy weapons, cover up the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, ignore the private contractors like SAIC, and then push followers into phony New Age world government drivel or stale John Birch xenophobia and fear mongering about 'Germanic Death Cults.'"

He has also deleted a post called, "'The Cops are gonna git ya!' PrisonPlanet fetish for police abuse, violent security guards continues..." Both of these posts were new, one posted on Thursday and the other (the video) on Friday. Here is the archived post. One post that made the cut was a piece about Ed Brown, he calls him "a violent tax evader."

The problem with all of this is that DL Abrahamson is not just a critic, he is someone that has gained peoples respect, under false pretenses. He had a radio show, he used to hand out Loose Change DVDs (allegedly), and he was a speaker at a PNACitizen, Rebuilding America's Senses conference. But now DL Abrahamson is calling patriots, cultists, and defining guerrilla journalism as harassment, while Roy Shivers songs and videos are posted all over "Truth" websites! Seriously, what the hell is going on? DL Agentson is out here making all kinds of slanderous statements and accusations with no opposition.
This time last year DL Abrahamson was being accused of being a "disinfo artist," and he was defended then, by people closely linked to those he now chooses to slander. It will be interesting to see who defends him this time around.


Ed and Elaine Brown, Taken Into Custody By US Marshals

The US Marshals will have a press conferece sometime on October 5 2007 to give more details about the arrests. In a written statement US Marshal Stephen Monier said, "The Browns may now begin serving their 63-month federal prison terms." So far there has been no word from the Brown family.

Here is the local news coverage.

And here is America: From Freedom to Facism.



ENDGAME Blueprint For Global Enslavement

The newest movie by Alex Jones, "ENDGAME" is set to join the infowar on October 26th, for Prison Planet members, DVD release is November first 2007. The film is said to have an eerie look at the plans of the Global elite. A lot of reviews have called this the best and most important work by Alex Jones, while also calling the movie scary. The website "endgame the movie" reveals some insight, "Discover how the practitioners of the pseudo-science eugenics have taken control of governments worldwide as a means to carry out depopulation."

Here's the The Trailer