impeachment: coming soon
Lets not forget valerie plame, and joe wilson. The bush administration has successfully moved this story VERY far from the spotlight, the attention is almost non existent at this point. This could very well be the way to get rid of george W. and cheney, after two years the investigation will become more clear to everyone, if the media decides its worth reporting, this fall, when Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald is going to reveal indictments in the plame leak. Its blatant that Karl Rove is the leak but not proven. Bush, cheney, rice, and other bush co players could be indicted as well, I mean why isnt this on the news everyday? We deserve answers the media is telling us nothing! Our president has shown where he stands, after days of scott mcclellan refusing to answer any questions about the "ongoing investigation", bush struts on the white house lawn with Karl rove beside him. His loyalties remain with rove, not with the truth, but with the liar. Which makes sense and is at least consistent. A proven lie, commen knowledge to most people, they have lied about Iraq trying to buy uranium in Niger. A reason for war in Iraq! This president sold this lie to us on tv, knowing full well it was a lie. A lie that joe wilson proved to be a lie a year earlier. Just days after revealing this information to "meet the press" wilsons, covert cia agent wife, was "outed". What message does that convey to you? Then cue the media to shrug her off as some kind of a Secretary at a desk. she was a covert agent! It has all played so nicely too, a month away from this with cindy sheehan in crawford, hoping to make this just go away. They have played this story almost perfectly, never really reporting on sheehans message or the peace movement, but on the fact that she is there and crazy, and the neighbors are crazy too, and al sharpton getting a speeding ticket, and all those " pro war" protesters and so many other things, but still the president has not had to tell anyone a damn thing. He went fishing and biking and we heard about all of that but no answers or explanations for all these lies. This story needs to be on the minds of everyone. So many people are clueless to the fact that this is going on, this is how they want it.



congratulations, good show, and well done




well new orleans katrina is looming. I witnessed its cat 1 strenghth in miami, it was wet, windy and it hit us by surprise. I am sure everyone has left the scene, but there are still people who HAVE to stick around and I wish you well. If you have not left and they are telling you to go, you proberly should go, as hard as it seems to do. be safe, and good luck.



Earlier this week bush said womens rights were not being threatened by the negotiations in Baghdad. But clearly this new constitution that is trying to be built will send Iraqi woman back to darker times. Under saddam, Iraqi women had more freedoms than most woman in the middle east. Ms Souhail, a one time fan of bush and his war and his plans for Iraq has had a change of heart. An Iraqi woman who sat at bush's presidential address in february hugging a mother of a fallen soldier in Iraq, for all the cameras to see has decided, mmmmmm not so much. ""When we came back from exile, we thought we were going to improve rights and the position of women. But look what has happened: we have lost all the gains we made over the past 30 years. It's a big disappointment. "
I would love to see her on tv now. but chances are we will not. This is a very sad time for americans and iraqis, we did what we set out to do, saddam is gone, and we have spent HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF OUR DOLLARS! It is time for us to stand back. 1776? we cant be seriouse.


Cindy sheehan is responsible for a lot of whats going on. She is making a difference. This says it all : http://www.michaelmoore.com/words/index.php?id=3849
When you see a statement like what this fallen soldiers father said "She didn't speak for me. Now she does," about her, what do you think goes through the white house? Lets track this story, because it is a story. I wonder if we will here anything about it on the news? Or why this wouldnt be a very necessary statement for americans on both sides to hear?

on a side note, Cindy Sheehan is back in crawford.


john roberts
Whatever kind of american you are, you NEED to take a few minutes maybe more, and read about george's nominee for the supreme court. He would be replacing Sandra day o'conner. That is a big deal if you are not a NEO CON. The bush administration has denied senate access to documents from when he was second in command to ken starr in the previouse bush administration. WHY?
The only way this country will belong to us is if we are involved. It has been proven one administration after the next that the less they keep us informed the more control they have to do as they please. The more control they have over us.



they lie and we let them
can you imagine what kind of a person could call themselves " pro-war" ?
who the hell is pro war? that's just crazy, do they want war? I thought they were working towards bringing democracy.
"PRO WAR!" nuts!
well now these pro war, groups are surfacing. they are "anti Cindy sheehan". This is just nuts, the media has managed to smear Cindy Sheehan enough, to make her their enemy. i don't even know where to begin, I mean this woman is speaking for herself, and those who cannot speak for themselves, and anyone else that feels the same way, whoever and however many, that's all. "you don't speak for me Cindy" ], do you have to name your PRO WAR group after her? its more than Cindy sheehan, this is important, more important that staying in Iraq for our PRIDE. If there is one thing that i know, its that pride is not a good thing. The reasons for going have been found to be LIES, can we just start here? Lies. That's where the news should be, forcing our president to tell the truth. Every day the same questions, this is serious, george bush should be answering these questions. everything too, Karl rove questions, 911 questions, Iraq war questions, Oil questions, voting machine questiions, why should his trained handlers have to answer our questions? I don't want to know about his response to why we shouldn't leave now, i want to know about all the lying he was doing to me and you before we were there. I want to know why it is OK for my money to be been sent over to Iraq to make it to haliburtons bank account? seriously who's asking any questions?
cable news networks are destroying our freedom! Joe Scarborough made it clear last night in Scarborough country that you better not compare this war to Vietnam. why is that joe? you know why? because that is just what we should be doing. That's why joe wants to do some preemptive action of his own. Because he knows that this is the direction Americans will be going soon, and thats not going to help support this war. I think that if there was nothing truly to compare we would be shown why they are so different. They have branded a woman upset about her son dying in an unjust war a "pawn of the left wing" it is so sad. these people will plow through anybody, even you. thats why now more then ever we need to stand up and call for the president to stop the lies and this war beacause no one has to die tomorroW.



the cost

I cant even begin to imagine what the cost of four more years would look like. checkout the"87 billion" link to actually see what that exorbitant amount looks like. It is mind numbing, especially when our own country cant afford so much for our people.


four more years

This is bad news, but I'm guessing that the reason to release this information now is because of all the attention the Bush administration has been getting about having no exit strategy.
This is not an exit strategy, this is them spitting in our faces. And four years from today what will we hear? More time, then more, this is not news, this is a joke.
How can this be justified?
In bushs radio address he says:
"Our troops know that they're fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere to protect their fellow Americans from a savage enemy,"
"They know that if we do not confront these evil men abroad, we will have to face them one day in our own cities and streets, and they know that the safety and security of every American is at stake in this war, and they know we will prevail"
What information does he know? They are protecting Americans from a savage enemy? Preemptivly? this is absurd!!!
They know that these men (there are female savages too) are coming to our cities? Heres my favorite "one day", oh thanx for the warning.
AKA support this war, or fear the invaders coming to our streets to blow us up.
HELLO! that is exactly what The USA is doing to Iraqis!
did he mention to be afraid and live in fear, fear not being at war, fear fear fear???
My security and the security of my family is at risk because this president carelessly put the United States of America all alone at war. Making the rest of the world really hate us.
This is why i beleive that if can start the process of ending this war today, then
no one has to die tomorrow.



There is no greater illusion than fear, no greater wrong than preparing to defend yourself, no greater misfortune than having an enemy.Whoever can see through all fear will always be safe.
Tao Te Ching

no one has to die tomorroW.


Will Cindy Sheehan's flame be extinguished?

On Anderson Coopers 360 page he asks " Is anyone listening?" . This is how the media is able to make no one care, they start to tell everyone that "you are bored", they hypnotize people with "the box". Its ironic that they pose these questions now, today NYT is reporting that there were over 1500 vigils held across the country last night. About 400 people gathered in front of the white house. I have yet to hear anything about that on any cable news channel, at best we get a sidebar, with the same three sentances about Cindy Sheehan that we have been hearing for over a week. Who wouldnt say "enough already". They are failing to report on why so many people have joined this protest, she represents so much to a so many. The crawford story needs expansion on the news to reach people who are on the fence, and the people who feel like they cant do anything to help. The white house may have been caught off guard by this protest, but clearly their allies on fox msnbc and cnn got the memo. If we can have 70 plus days, live in Aruba about a case not progressing they can make it to at least the end of september if they wanted to. But they dont. They are weaning the public off the cindy sheehan story that cant happen.


the media is afraid of cindy sheehan

Twenty percent of our soldiers are coming back from Iraq with post traumatic stress disorder, depression, or anxiety. About thirty percent of Vietnam soldiers came home with or developed PTSD. we have lost about the same amount of troops in the first two years of the Iraq war as we did in the first four of Vietnam. We need to stop this war NOW. Enough time has been given, enough lives have been lost and ruined. Why is it so hard for people to believe that bush would lie? Every president lies. I do realize the magnitude of his lies, but these people walk around, like your some sort of a "crackpot" if you, god forbid believe that: 911 maybe wasn't OBL, and Al quada? Or that bush lost both elections just ask ?Ohio and gore. Or that our best intentions just might not be on the presidents list of priorities.
Your supposed to question authority!
Question government because you have to. They have feared us into zombies. They have pinned one side of the country against the other creating the most hateful, negative air circulating in America. We cant question anyone, cant disagree, do you see how angry, no, emotionally out of control, angry, some people get? We all get heated but, Gordan liddy(?) was on msnbc with Ariana huffington, he was like shaking, and dropping totally inappropriate, seemingly anti-Greek comments on her. I was in awe, my jaw dropped. Just as it did with Hannity his seething animosity oozing across the screen about Cindy sheehan wanting the president "handcuffed and shackled", I couldn't make this up. bill oreilly and rush Limbaugh, Anderson cooper was out in rare form too. i just simply don't get it.
That lead to a question:
why are they afraid?
they are the captains at instilling fear and belittling people who disagree. So why they are afraid?
I think they fear that they are losing. If you watch close enough you'll see the power slipping from they're fingers. They are losing control. They have"rovegate" pending, and Cindy Sheehan leaning on bush. They have 60 percent of this country deciding that we are on the wrong path in Iraq. People are upset about gas prices (personally i don't think we pay enough for gas. do we really need suv's?). People dont have health care, I don't have any, do you? This administration has a lot in front of them right now. I'm not sure that they will clean their plates. Now is the time for us to stand together. Cindy sheehan has waken up a movement that went to sleep when it decided to support john kerry (Just when we could have made a difference, we threw our votes in the trash with the slogans like "anyone but bush").
We need to stop killing innocent Iraqi's and we need to bring our troops home this war is an illegal war. We were duped into believing information that was not true. They knew this information was false, they were trying to trick us! and they did. we need to unite tell
george W. bush that
no one has to die tomorroW.