Bohemian Grove, "the last place in the world I'd wanna be" -Former Homeland Security Chief

In Nashua New Hampshire Gary Franchi from the Lone Lantern Society and Restore the Republic, met up with Tom Ridge, the former Pennsylvania governor and very first Secretary of Homeland Security. He looks goofy and is best known for color coded terror alerts, duct tape and plastic but that is only an image. He is a pawn of the New World Order and throughout the interview he reveals how sly he can be.

The meeting was brief but Franchi managed to tackle multiple subjects, he begins with the merging of The United States Canada and Mexico, the North American Union, and the controversial idea of a common currency. Ridge heads right for the whitewash, agreeing to the idea of an integrated economy but adding that the idea is fifty to hundred years out, citing too much resistance from the people. He offers the intentional, yet poor example of the EU, “look it took the Europeans fifty years to get that far .” Ridge knows that the European Union was formed incrementally, a deliberately long plan, long enough for no one to truly notice the enormity of it, until it was too late.
He has just told you his plans, as many NWO players do, and the trend continues.

Ridge goes on to praise the
9/11 Commission Report. A report that omitted questions from family members and a commission whose own chairmen declared it doomed from the get go.
He then begins to spin and gets into Real ID and RFID. He calls Real ID a bad idea and standardized Driver Licenses a good idea; even though they are one in the same! He also downplays the unconstitutionality of Real ID, and insists that the problem is monetary,
Federal mandates without federal funding. As for RFID, Ridge gets a bit confusing. He says, one thousand times no to RFID, yet he serves on SAVI’s board, a company "that was founded around RFID child-tracking” and is owned by Lockheed Martin.
Tom stands firmly against RFID… being put in his drivers license. He may put it on his dogs collar, which would be alright if you actually believe he holds the serf population in higher regard than his dog...not likely.

Although he wreaks of globalist he claims to have no membership to Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission or the Council on Foreign Relations, although he holds their points of view in high regard. But under a false sense of comfort he reveals his feelings about Bohemian Grove, when Franchi asks if he’s been invited,

“Those are eagles I run with the sparrows…I was invited once when I was the secretary of Homeland Security, and I thought the last place in the world I'd wanna be as secretary of homeland security was bohemian grove, looked bad and wasn’t right and I didn’t go, real simple."

Then he claims that he has no idea what they do there, at the all men retreat in the woods,but he definatly knows its not the place for him,

“there’s a lot of places I want to go and that s not high on the list.“

If you listen to global elite, you will hear their plans.


We Are Being Bernanke'd

Markets around the world sank overnight. England's banks were all down on Monday some nearing ten percent and Asian markets took a massive beating. The Hang Seng Index plunged 5.2 percent and the Nikkei fell 4.5 percent. While the dollar hit a 13 year low against the yen, the lowest since 1995 and a record low against the euro.

This was the result of the Feds aggressive, unexpected moves over the weekend while no one was looking.

"Before the markets opened in Asia, the Federal Reserve lowered the discount rate it charges on direct loans to banks and set up a new program to provide cash to a wider range of financial firms, using tools it has not used since the Great Depression."

Alarming news as
tent cities are springing up in California and food prices across America are climbing more than twenty four percent. The comparisons between 2008 and 1929 have been rampant in the news. Make no mistake this is their warning, their predictive programming, to get you use to the idea so when it happens you won’t question why or how.

Bear Stearns

Ben Bernanke, the Fed chairman said he took such aggressive moves to "provide financial institutions with greater assurance of access to funds," in the wake of the collapse of Wall Street's fifth largest investment bank Bear Stearns. Thursday Bear was worth over 6 billion dollars and on Friday there was a run on the bank and its value quickly declined to 3.5 billion dollars. Bear Stearns was ready for bankruptcy and the Fed agreed to back them up. Although they could not lend them the cash to stay alive it could use JP Morgan as a bridge. But as soon as the Fed offered the loan they seemed to have called it in within 24 hours, and JP Morgan Chase & Co announced that it would steal, I mean buy,
Bear Stearns for $2 a share, valuing the U.S. investment bank at about $236 million, Less than the cost of the building! The bank fell apart so quickly, at its peak Bear Steans was selling for $171 a share just over a year ago, January 2007.

The Fed forced this transaction and now to ease worries they opened up these types of loans to all investment banks like Bear Stearns, the set up is in place and the consolidation of America's banks has begun. This is the big story today, the historical choice for the Fed to open the discount window to more banks, (the place banks go when they’re in trouble) a sure sign that more trouble is on the way. Tomorrow the Fed will meet again and more extreme cuts are expected. Even though these rate cuts have caused us unbearable inflation the MSM is still heralding the Fed as the savior of the Global economy.

The big question now is what bank is next in line to be sacrificed, who will be consolidated by the central bankers, how many and how quickly will they be wiped out.
But most important, how many more dollars is Bernanke prepared to print?

Brace for impact, the dollar is sliding and helicopter Ben is on the move.

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Marion Cotillard: French Anti-Americanism at an All Time High

"I think we’re lied to about a number of things"

Just one week ago french actress Marion Cotillard won the Academy Award for Best Actress, but this week the main stream media is looking to take her out of the picture.
In an interview for Paris Premiere-Paris Derniere, (from over a year ago) Cotillard was asked about September eleventh, and what she found most troubling about the official story. She talks about a building in Spain that burned for 24 hours without collapsing. She was referring to the 32-story Windsor Building in Madrid. That building was similar in design to the twin towers, and burned at temperatures of 800ºC for more than 18 hours, but did not collapse like the towers.
Marion Cotillard's questions are shared by millions from around the world, including Americans who are demanding answers. But they spin this story so far that we are literally watching them turn our questions about 9/11 into a Thought Crime.
The Telegraph reports that the actress is likely to face a backlash for questioning 9/11, and in the extended version the author Peter Allen goes even further. He is clever, declaring the official story TRUTH, and Marion Cotillard will be shunned for "openly" questioning "the truth," (implying that such things shouldnt be questioned at all).
He then calls the French native anti-American, "News of her anti-Americanism comes as Franco-American relations appear to be thawing." Quite a leap. The controlled press is telling us how to feel about people questioning 9/11 story and they have announced how we should be treated. Allen predicts that Marion may have committed career suicide and her comments are "likely to leave her Hollywood career in tatters."

Quite a hit piece on both 9/11 Truth and Marion Cotillard.
She should be commended, although she was not a household name a year ago, she was an up and coming international actress. Hopefully she will not back away from her comments.

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