The IRS Gripes Snipes

After being indicted over a year ago, Wesley Snipes had his day in court. Literally a day. After speculation about what celebrities were going to arrive in Florida for his trial on Monday, the defense team rested, calling no witnesses.

The trial has been short, and greatly overlooked by the MSM and the alternative media, which is interesting because, last week there were reports about a 600 page letter that Snipes allegedly wrote after being indicted. Since then the truth has become more clear,
the letter was actually 28 pages with a 600 page attachment, including the book,AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE MEANING OF THE TERM ‘UNITED STATES.’ In the letter Snipes is reported as saying that he had "no ill intent," but clearly felt that the IRS did, "The IRS deceives people to 'terrorize, enslave, rape or pillage' taxpayers."
But the letter reveals much more, he claims that his name is not WESLEY TRENT SNIPES, but it is Wesley Trent Snipes. He even stated that he has no SS number and no tax ID number, these moves are foreign to most, but to some it is the biggest leap towards freedom that any man could make, and it is likely the reason that this trial is has been ignored.

People are fighting the system by dropping out of it. When our names appear in all caps, it is not actually our name, but a government created corporation cleverly disguised to resemble our names. We all participate in this illusion, like when we accept credit cards and State issed ID, but Wesley Snipes seems to have stopped participating and that became unacceptable to the IRS.

On Tuesday the court heard the closing arguments, and Wednesday a jury will decide if Snipes is guilty of the six counts of failing to file tax returns, two of fraudulently claiming tax refunds and one of conspiracy to defraud the government. He is facing sixteen years in prison.

The most interesting comments yesterday came from Snipes in a
People magazine article,

When asked if he plans on paying his taxes when the trial is over, Snipes told PEOPLE he remains confused as to what the IRS wants of him.

"I've always been paying my taxes and I've always been trying to comply," he says. "This question is, did they tell you what you're supposed to do to comply? We should be able to go to our government and get clear answers."

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Good Luck Snipes.


Stallone: We are told lies to keep us pacified and to avoid "anarchy in the streets."

At Ain't It Cool News an entertainment news website based out of Austin Texas, there has been a talk back with Sylvester Stallone, the last one, January 14th, was titled, "Answering Questions Is As Easy As Breathing - Sly Answers Back!"

Here, Stallone himself answered ten questions from his fans. One fan Dr. H from Los Angeles offers insight into the mind of an average American. He asks why Rambo doesn't fight a real enemy in the latest Rambo movie, "I always assumed that if Rambo returned he'd be taking on the real villain of this day: extreme, radical Islamist bastards hellbent on worldwide jihad...they are clearly the bad guys in the real world right now." But in this film, Rambo finds his enemy in "a hellhole beyond your wildest dreams."

The latest film takes place and was filmed in Burma. A place that "has had the longest civil war in global history." Stallone chose Burma after finding out that "Soldier of Fortune magazine said Burma was the foremost area of human abuse on the planet." But this American movie fan wonders where the "real enemy" is, like the blond haired blue eyed Al-Qaeda recruits they reported about on Fox News? Before closing Dr. H completes his ignorance with a cliche, and questions Rambo's intentions, "Has he become politically correct?"

Stallone gently puts things into perspective, "The phrase ‘politically correct’ is basically a euphemism for bold face lying because unfortunately, lies keep society functioning." That is what is going on in America today, and Stallone goes even further, "The day we have our politicians actually tell us the real truth, we’d have anarchy in the streets. So we’re told what they think will pacify the masses." That is a powerful statement from Stallone, loaded with truth about what is really going on, could all these years of playing John Rambo taught him about the military industrial complex and the plans of the New World Order?

Let's see, in Rambo he unveiled the plight of the soldier returning home from the war Vietnam War, to a country that didn't understand or care to understand the affects of the war. We are introduced to a man that the army turned into a fighting machine. Rambo II was filmed in Vietnam, where Rambo went back to find POW's, and the government purposefully leaves Rambo and the POW's behind. And of course there is Rambo III where he joins the mujahedeen who are fighting the Soviets, consistent with what was really going on in the world,
"During most of the 1980’s, the CIA secretly sent billions of dollars of military aid to Afghanistan to support the mujahedeen–or holy warriors–against the Soviet Union, which had invaded in 1979."

Playing Rambo over the last twenty five years has clearly brought truth to Sylvester Stallone. He is awake to the lies that the politicians are telling us, and he believes that these hidden truths are powerful enough to cause chaos on the streets of America. I look forward to the next installment at Ain't It Cool News, perhaps Stallone will reveal some more truth.

h/t Johnnie Aysgarth


Tools of Eugenics: Fluoride

"any person who drinks artificially fluoridated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person mentally or physically."
-Charles E. Perkins, Chemist.

Water Fluoridation has hit the main stream media after decades being brushed aside. Scientific American had an article about the dangers of fluoride if its overused, revealing that its almost impossible not to overuse it. Many people don't think twice about the toxic waste that we are drowning in. Fluoride is not what you think, and the deceit is painfully obvious, you just have to look.

Calcium Fluoride is what is usually found naturally in water but the cheaper, Hexafluorosilicic Acid, is dumped in our drinking water and its not even similar to "calcium fluoride". Hexafluorosilicic Acid is a highly toxic chemical, that has a laundry list of ailments and diseases to go along with it. According to DR. Hardy Limeback's research, most American cities are purchasing an industrial grade source of fluoride to fluoridate drinking water. It comes from smokestack scrubbers that produce phosphate fertilizer, its cheaper than the pharmaceutical grade. He explains, "Tragically,that means we're not just dumping toxic fluoride into our drinking water. We're also exposing innocent, unsuspecting people to deadly elements of lead, arsenic and radium, all of them carcinogenic. Because of the cumulative properties of toxins, the detrimental effects on human health are catastrophic." But we drink it, bathe in it, wash our clothes and dishes in it without hesitation. Artificially fluoridated water is not beneficial to our health and naturally occurring fluoride is not essential for ANY living thing, and that should be common knowledge.

Acceptable amounts of fluoride to ingest is 1 part per million of water. More than 2 PPM has been ruled toxic. Acceptable levels allowed in our tap water have been rising, and more than 90 percent of our public water is fluoridated, so our food is grown with it, soda, soup, all canned with it, we are being bombarded with fluoride. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing how much of the toxic fluoride we have stored in our bodies, it stays in your body, for unknown period's of time. "Half of all ingested fluoride remains in the skeletal system and accumulates with age"
Dr. Hardy Limeback

Last year the National Research Council released the report: "Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA's Standards." The report said too much fluoride for babies is toxic. It advised parents feeding babies powdered formula to prepare it with un-fluoridated bottled water. Yet on our grocery store shelves we have "nursery water" a brand aimed at formula fed babies, loaded with fluoride. The report was released, with little or no mention. This is INCREDIBLY dangerous, yet, the public draws a blank. Its no surprise we are being misled, the whole operation is confusing. Seven months after that report the FDA gave manufacturers of bottled water permission to print claims on their labels that drinking fluoridated water may reduce the risk of dental caries or tooth decay. Instead of the DANGER warning fluoridated water should have gotten, artificial water fluoridation gets the FDA golden seal of greatness. Currently bottled water remains virtually unregulated. "43 of 50 states have the equivalent of fewer than a single staff person dedicated to regulating bottled water."

The lawmakers are not looking to protect, but to harm, and they are preying on your inability to stay informed, drowning out the necessary information we need to make decisions. We just file in as complacent as the fluoride will get us, believing that no one would ever harm us...the government would never allow it. Do the research, WE are allowing it.
In 1992, three counties of New Jersey had almost seven times the osteosarcoma (bone cancer) rate in males in the fluoridated communities compared to the non-fluoridated communities. It's a proven carcinogen...still they fluoridate.

In 1931 ALCOA, the worlds largest aluminum producer, was polluting the water with sodium fuoride, children's teeth were turning yellow, because of the high levels found in the water supply. Sodium fluoride is a toxic pollutant, an aluminum by product, the same type of fluoride that is found in toothpaste. Look a little closer at the tube of toothpaste, you will find the phone number for poison control, "toothpaste overdose" can cause convulsions, and a break down of your nervous and digestive systems, along with difficulty breathing. The amounts we pollute our bodies with everyday are harmful, and we feel the effects of the poison, without recognition, fluoride
lowers your IQ and it is a main component of anti-psychotic drugs, extremely dangerous for our children. We are drugged, like patients in a sanatorium, with little resistance.

Fluoridated water is a tool of control, the benefits to the the masses are non existent, the benefits to a government trying to CONTROL the masses are endless. In the 1930's Hitler created his plan of control, and force alone was not going to be enough. The plan involved what they called "water medication" (we call it "water fluoridation"). The Nazi's would contaminate the water supply to make the people docile (and sterilize them as well).
Most of Europe does not (openly) fluoridate their water. The UK, however has
unknown amounts of Prozac in their water, and its basic ingredient is fluoride, so basically they are being medicated by the government as well. We have been conned. Water Fluoridation is destroying the will of the people. It is just one of the tools that is being used against the population, it's slowing us down. In order to Fight the tyranny, first we must remove the fluoride, how can you willing ingest something that will make you less smart? You can't, its suicide. Filter your water. Don't go willingly.


Bush Signs Veterans Disarmament Act Then Flees to Israel

We are knee deep in tyranny. With all eyes on New Hampshire no one noticed the shit storm Bush was whipping up. On Tuesday Bush signed the Veterans Disarmament Act, (known in the main stream media as NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007).This bill was stalled in Senate for years, but a few months after the Virginia Tech shootings the legislation came together with bipartisan support. The typical lawmaking that has gone on since 9/11 has had the same formula, and this was no different, one person causes the trouble and we are all punished. The shooter at VA Tech, Seung-Hui Cho was seeing a psychiatrist and taking prescription drugs, so now we are all viewed as having questionable mental health. Our medical records may wind up with the FBI but the new law will not only block veterans who have been treated for PTSD from buying a gun, but it goes even further. Anyone who has a restraining order filed against them, and anyone who was treated for ADHD as a child has no chance of ever owning a gun. Potentially we all could be disarmed under the new law, and you will have a difficult time removing your name because that process has been blocked for a decade.
This law is an attack on the Second Amendment and it was not even enough for them, upon the passing of this law, the lawmakers pledged to keep fighting us, next is the "gun show loophole." And as early as March the Supreme Court will be hearing a case on gun control in DC. They will not quit, and when you can look at this issue from all sides the motives are clear.

"Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people's liberty teeth and keystone under independence ... From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable . . . The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that is good"

-George Washington


Hey Ron Paul, I'm in your primary stealing your v0tez

Not even twenty four hours passed before reports of fraud surfaced in New Hampshire, it began in the town of Sutton. Initially the reports released said that no one voted for Ron Paul in that town, but a woman claiming to be from Sutton commented online that she and her family all voted for Ron Paul in Sutton. That was enough for Bev Harris of Blackboxvoting.org to jump into action, she contacted the Town Clerk for Sutton and Jennifer Call confirmed the fraud. The zero tally was in fact a mistake, and Ron Paul actually received 31 votes. They omitted eight percent of the votes in that town, and called it an accident...whoops sorry.. and the main stream media quietly updated their charts never reporting the story. But this cannot be glossed over as a "human error," this is fraud and Bev Harris highlights how deceitful it really is,
"...one of the most common forms of fraud in a hand count system is to alter or omit results on the reporting sheet. Hand count is lovely, transparent. They then fill out another reconciliation sheet, often in front of witnesses, and it looks fine. Then they provide a summary or media sheet with the incorrect results."
So far nothing has been updated for the town of Greenville. The Boston Globe reports 139 voters, and CNN reports 144 votes, both are reporting zero votes for Ron Paul, but the
Nashua Telegraph is reporting a very different story in Greenville tallying 290 votes they report 25 votes for Ron Paul. In Greenville they used electronic "vote flipping" machines so perhaps not another human error, but possible malicious intent. Out of the 17 towns that originally reported no votes for Ron Paul, two have been changed, but how many more towns have erased our votes, or updated their numbers without anyone noticing? We must find out.
It is illegal and whoops is not an acceptable answer, after the 2004 elections, Ohio was under the microscope and people were convicted of illegally rigging the 2004 recount. These types of "careless
mistakes" are likely to follow Ron Paul throughout the primaries. Our fair elections are filled with fraud and we know it, to ignore it would not be revolutionary. Ron Paul has done best when his supporters step up and lead the campaign, today the message from his supporters is for Ron Paul to demand an official recount. We are willing to be activists, we have given our time and money and now we need a leader to attack this injustice properly.

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