Alex Jones Talks With Jesse Ventura

"...anytime the government tells you that they are going to protect you be prepared, because your gonna lose your freedom and your rights...Id rather deal with the terrorists than I would the loss of my freedom"--Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura was in San Antonio Texas this week, supporting Kinky Friedman who is running for Governor of Texas. While in Texas he sat down with Alex Jones to talk about Katina, Security, Kennedy, Operation North Woods, Police State, and Gulf of Tonkin. He blames the failure of our elections on both, the Republicans and Democrats, saying they have destroyed the process. He is visibly disgusted with the numb attitude of the American people, citing that "they don't care beyond their own lives".

It is an interesting look into what this country has done to this man, Jesse Ventura, served this country for fourteen years. For four of those years he was the Independent Governor of Minnesota. Here, he looks depressed,once passionate about America, he no longer lives here. Now he lives in Mexico, and has "given up". Alex Jones hands Jesse a few of his documentaries before leaving and questions Jones' intent, as if he doesn't know what it was like to try.

"Don't vote for politics as usual."


Aaron Russo's- AMERICA: Freedom to Fascism

"your just a tool for these people, a hamster, they're going to suck you dry and spit you out, they don't care about you" -aaron russo

America From Freedom to Fascism is a movie by Aaron Russo, now playing in few places in the US, and on its way to a theater near you,
check here for details.

Here is a great interview with the filmmaker, Aaron Russo. This thirty-five minute interview is PACKED with information that every American should be familiar with. In 1913, three members of congress allowed our country to be placed in the hands of a privately owned and operated bank, The Federal Reserve Bank. Since then, many people, have tried abolish the Federal Reserve, without success.

Russo takes an eerie look into what our future will hold if they are not stopped. There will soon be a time, where there will be no possible way to change this system, it gets more difficult with each passing law. All other debates should be halted, democrats and republicans need to stop fighting about non issues, until America is put back into the hands of the people.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank, and there is nothing Federal about it. They control how much paper money is printed, they control the inflation that they pretend not to exist, they control our government. "Give me control of a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws." Amsel Rothschild a man whose descendents dictate what the "Federal Reserve System" will do with America’s finances. They are have control our way of life. Our duel income households that our children pay the price on, our inflated housing bubble, that will cause"widespread hardships" on American families. If they choose to pull the plug on the American Economy they can set us into a depression more serious than the last one.


American Democracy Hacked by Diebold

Diebold AccuVote touch-screen voting machines have been put to the test by Computer Scientists at Princeton University, and the results are VERY unfavorable for Diebold, they fail to protect the votes they tally.

Diebold is capable of helping someone steal any election.

The Computer Scientists at Princeton made a virus, and hacked into the machines, the virus flipped votes, and then erased itself, leaving like it was never there. In 2004 Clinton Curtis had testified (to members of Congress) to doing the same thing . Curtis said, under oath, that in October of 2000 he created software to "rig" an election. The Princeton study also found that the vote access card could easily be made and fixed to allow someone to vote over and over, all day if they'd like.

Yesterday, in an unrelated story, an elementary school in Bloomington Minnesota got a visit from the Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, a man that reports DIRECTLY to President Bush, spoke to children ages 5 through 11 about Internet piracy. Jon Dudas, the Government Representative said "property theft on the Internet and elsewhere, costs BUSINESSES as much as $250 billion a year".

Why does the US have money and time to spend ensuring that Walmart, Target, Sony and Paramount dont lose any revenue, while our right to fair elections are being eliminated? Time and money that these kids could have in the classroom, as American schools are considered seriously flawed at the very least.

America is occupying Iraq, bringing THIS great Democracy to them, over 300 BILION $'s over there so we can have ZERO democracy over HERE!

This is a nightmare for our country. There is no democracy.

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The Fifty Insiders

The idea that the 9/11 was an inside job would require, insiders. Many have debated over the idea of how many people it would involve, hundreds or thousands. Too many mouths to keep quiet, leaving Main Stream Americans unwilling to beleive that such a conspiracy could take place.

Douglas Herman changes all that, T O D A Y.

The myth that it would have taken such large numbers of people gets squashed here. He takes a look into how as few as 50 people could have been able to do it! He cleverly calls this fictatiouse "plan" PNAC, an acronym for Plan of a New Attack Conspiracy.
His account of how it could have happened, is eerily possible, and to the point.

A quick, well thought out, essay.
A Highly recommended read


Seek the Truth

Today the world had about a million moments of silence for the nearly 3000 people that died on September eleventh five years ago.
We still have no answers.
The focus this week was on the fictitious "docudrama" about September eleventh, starring Harvey Keitel. Tonight I have picked two movies, that should have been on ABC instead.

9/11: Press For Truth

It is starts off about The 9.11 Commission Report, (the lies and half truths, and omitted testimony) and ends with a 9.11 terror time line that will change the way you watch (or read) the news. It unveils the strong friendship Bushco found in the Main Stream Media (we're not just talking about FOX news). Above the suspicious collapse, and the lack of airplane debris, is the media's absence. Journalists are revered as our great link to the truth, and most Americans think they can trust the news, but you cannot.
Question authority, and Question the Media, seek the truth.

The second feature

Loose Change II

A look inside 9.11, a documentary that warrants national attention. It is baffling that this Keitel movie was going to be shown in high school classrooms across our nation, while Loose Change II gains publicity only through independent channels. Loose Change II asks smart questions, highlights inconsistencies, and reveals some of the most imperative, yet overlooked stories, that our 24 hour news teams chose to gloss over.

To honor those who died on September eleveth lets stop linking their deaths to Saddam Hussein, and become active members in the global community. Read beyond the front page. We (the American people) have an obligation to the whole world to find out the truth about September eleventh. If Bushco was not afraid of the truth they would be able to answer about a hundred questions we have about what really happened.

Our freedom has been compromised, and only the truth will set us free.


Welcome to no one has to die tomorroW. Version 2.0 !

It has been one year since no one has to die tomorroW. (nohtdt) began, and we have had a lot of readers, the Pentagon has even been known to stop by and take a read here, and that does kind of freak me out, but maybe Rummy just likes the editorials! (fingers crossed anyway)

With an anniversary comes upgrades,(yay)! New editorials will be posted regularly, daily, we cannot promise, but original is a definite promise. You can go to any number of political blogs and find repeat after repeat, YAWN... You may find some of those stories in "The Daily Gazette", our headline section updated daily with reports from around the world or on the "nohtdt Ticker". If you would like to say something about ANY Daily Gazette story or ticker story, or whether you agree, disagree, like the site or love the site, go crazy "be heard" in our new shoutbox, reader participation would be fantastic!

The year that has been spent taking care of nohtdt has been better than any lesson ever learned in school. The generation X, "question authority
" mentality seems extinguished...by the authorities! They took it and gave it a myspace account under the watchful eye of Roger Ailes. Seriously Where did we all go? We need to bring it back! !

Loose change rattled my thought process and I voted for Nader in '04, but it took Cindy Sheehan to awaken the urge to speak out. She's inspirational, when Bush and his Main Stream Media shrugged her off it seemed to empower her, and it forced the question,"How can we sit silenced any more?"....

I could not. The letter writing campaign began, and one letter ended with, "stop this illegal war, because, no one has to die tomorroW." and the site was born a short week later.....

huge hat tip to NuteKk Labs for all the hook ups....