Bush Will Be Alone With Nothing To Sign

The Immigration bill was put to rest on Thursday morning. A major victory for the American people, and a HUGE failure for 46 un-American senators. I cant think of a single senator that is consistently a friend of the American people, but 53 of them, for whatever reason, stood up for this nation, under incredible pressure. Bush even put Department Of Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff outside the door as the Senators entered this morning, thankfully, we were more powerful than Chertoff and Bush today.

Last month they voted to stop the bill from going any further in the Senate. No big deal for Mr. Bush, he came out swinging, "see you at the signing", a chilling reminder of how Bush and friends have operated in the past. Americans did not want legislation that would pardon fifteen million people, yet the "decider" was ready to go against the will of the people. His arrogance may have ensured his failure, the public had been flooding congress with negative feelings about the bill, legalizing illegals while many Americans struggle to survive hardly seemed fair. Nevertheless, he met with some Senators, putting pressure on them, making "deals", they drew up some amendments and ironed out some concerns regarding debate. On Tuesday they got the majority of votes 64y/36n and threw the bill on the Senate floor, the debate was back on. A disturbing turn of events, so confident they all became, this bill as many Americans understood it, would crush this nation, and our livelihoods, they all SEEMED so ready to turn a blind eye. But, the debate on Wednesday night went horribly wrong. They killed amendment after amendment, including the well publicized "track back" amendment, all the efforts to "compromise" had been a waste of time, Immigration bill opponents had been duped. Suddenly, it occurred to a select few, this could be a tactical move..hopefully, to kill the bill.

Call after call came into C-Span early Thursday morning opposed to this legislation, aside from a couple of self proclaimed illegal immigrants wanting the bills passage for selfish means, people wanted this bill to GO AWAY. It was clear if this bill passes, Americans would be outraged and in the streets, a revolution would surely begin. The calls kept coming, every member of the Senate received hundreds of phone calls,
while congress received so many calls that it shut down their system. We over powered them, and at 9:30am, when they came to the floor, it was obvious.

The Senate was given over an hour to speak before the vote, unfortunately the time was split up unfairly. Democrats did not have anyone speaking against the bill, while the Republicans allowed four or five opponents of the bill, ten minutes to divide among themselves, and the rest of the Republican time was kept for bill supporters. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) didn't hold back as he glared at the bills creators, "we have ten minutes for the opposition while the Masters of the Universe get over 40 minutes to promote their side". If we had a group of admirable Senators, they would have insisted upon equal time, sadly we do not.

Sen Ted Kennedy(D),THE master planner of the "Death to America" Bill, was one of the first and last Senators to be heard, and he was a wreck, in the end of it all he was ranting, making cryptic messages about the NWO. One after the next, those who wanted this bill to pass, appear defeated, and undone. Lindsey Graham(R) danced back and forth, looking so uncomfortable about what he was readying himself to do, justifying his choice by insulting us, "were playing a game that the American people don't even understand".

We had to listen to Arlen Specter(R) flatter himself for a bunch of wasted minutes, then Sen. Mel Martinez(R), back to Specter, back to Martinez, more time for him to tell his life story, all this, while ignoring the pile of Republicans who opposed the bill.

As if in perfect opposition, Sen. Sessions seemed like he was at a rally when it was time for those ten minutes to be implemented, calling on his "team" to speak the truth. Sen. Corcker called the bill "sinister", and made it clear that our force had claimed his vote, "The American people have lost faith and confidence...the American people feel that they are losing their country, not to people who speak differently, they are losing it to a government". Sen DeMint reiterated Americas unity, "this bill has reengaged the American people".

Finally, we had the unpleasant misfortune of having to listen to a boring self absorbed Majority Loser (Leader) Harry Reid(D) babble about irrelevant stories in his attempt to do nothing more than to hold on to the bill for a few moments more. Sessions could barley take any more when he interrupted Reid, questioning whether his time had expired, Reid threw a tantrum, whining, "I'm using my leaders time", it got ugly, and Barak Obama, quieted Sen. Sessions, agreeing that Reid had indeed gone past his time, but let Senator Reid carry on.

Then they were done, and more importantly, the bill was done,53 Senators shut it down, adhering to the voice of the people. While 46 Senators, lead by Ted Kennedy, wanted to kill America. Clearly they shot the wrong Kennedy, in 1963 (Pres. Kennedy was in favor of lower immigration numbers). They know what passing this bill would have meant to this country, and it had very little to do with anything other than money, the North American Union, and corporate interests.

Americans awareness coupled with our actions against this piece of... legislation is what defeated it. We have proven that our power to stand united will be the key to their unraveling. We must continue to fight with this force, together, as Americans no matter how hard they try to divide us. We have to use the residual energy to power up the laws that are on the books but are not enforced. If we sleep through everything they propose we will lose this country, we came too damn close this time, and they will never stop, but watching them crumble was beautiful.


Hoodwinked by the Most Extraordinary Combination of Circumstances

"Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." --Thomas Jefferson: Declaration of Independence, 1776.

In 1986 when Amnesty was passed they promised to "tighten" the border, and enforce laws, same hollow sentiments by the same hollow shills. This bill is backed by corporate interests, and is being forced upon us because of money. This is a nation destroying bill, it is that simple. America is in no position to spend over 2 trillion dollars on making illegal immigrants legal. The loopholes have been identified, these illegal immigrants can prepare a list of family members to bring into America upon their legalization, while American citizens who were merely doing their job, patrolling our border agents Ramos and Compean are sitting behind bars locked away from their families. This Immigration bill is nothing more than a sham, they want to give illegal immigrants privileges that American citizens would not share, like the affordability of a college education, and tax amnesty. Ed and Elaine Brown,(the New Hampshire couple refusing to pay their income tax until they see the law), can't even get the IRS to show them the law, but these illegal immigrants don't even need to ask, they just get a free pass.

Luckily we have Ron Paul making an attempt to salvage whats left of this country, speaking up in support of people like Ed and Elaine Brown. During an interview with Lee Rogers, Dr. Paul said it would be easier for people to just "go along with the system", and act like "zombies". Saying those who fight against the tax code, and the monetary system could be compared to Gandhi, or Martin Luther King, willing to stand up for the law of the land, while being threatened with "consequences". He made it clear what the American people are up against, when we stand up for The Constitution
"... you fight at your own risk because its civil disobedience according to their system, its weird that your breaking the law when your obeying the constitution, but that's the point." Later on FOX News he clarified his position, which is one of peace, saying that he would not advocate any type of violence.

There is a definite movement to restore The Constitution. Seventeen states have stopped the Real ID Act, but the Main Stream Media failed to mention it. South Carolina is the most recent to reject the Real ID Act, the legislation that would give the government an all access pass into our private lives. Yesterday the
Tennessee Governor signed the Ban On Real ID into law, after passing unanimously in the earlier in the month(88-0).

The two states reached the same goal of banning the Real ID Act but like many other states, Tennessee seems to be fishing for federal funds, and once they are received that could lift the ban. If we know one thing, there is never a time to rest when fighting the lawmakers. Still progress is being made,
South Carolina's bill could be a perfect model for the other states to follow, protecting our freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures and our freedom of privacy, as stated in The Constitution.

Look on the map to see the staus of your state, and if its not at all active, make a move, because an implementation plan MUST BE ready by October 2007!

In a time when our government is acting outside of the law of the land, we must stay informed, and hold them accountable for their actions.

"Our fellow citizens have been led hoodwinked from their principles by a most extraordinary combination of circumstances. But the band is removed, and they now see for themselves."
--Thomas Jefferson

Tell The Supreme Court that God's Gonna Cut Them Down

Well the Constitution is taking a beating. It seems that having a sign on a public street is no longer allowed, here in America, this according to The Supreme Court. Five years ago Alaskan high school student Joseph Frederick held a sign up that said "Bong Hits 4 Jesus", ACROSS the street from school. Principal Deborah Morse crossed the street, took the sign and destroyed it. She suspended Frederick for five days, and when he refused to be a rat, quoting our founding fathers rather than giving up names of the others in his crew (one of which did'nt attend the same school), she doubled his sentence, ten days of suspension. Quite a lesson for a young man, not only are you not free, but you better roll over...or else.

The District court agreed with Principal Morse, but the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit did not, ruling in favor of our young patriot. In fact they went so far as to say that
"Frederick's right to display his banner was so clearly established, that a reasonable Principal in Morse's position would have understood that her actions were unconstitutional".
That ruling meant one thing, it was time to call in the Big Boys, Ken Starr, was going to represent the School Board and Deborah Morse FOR FREE in front the Supreme Court... what a guy.

June 25, 2007 The death of the Constitution...
It was a sad day for all of America, as the The Supreme Court overturned the concise ruling of the ninth circuit, not only expanding the power schools have over our children, but ultimately limiting the freedom all of us have as stated in the First Amendment.

Freedom of Religion, Press,Expression: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Chief Justice Roberts wrote: "
School principals have a difficult job, and a vitally important one." Apparently being a school principal is so difficult that they had to destroy The Constitution just to get the job done, they ruled 5-4 yesterday against Free Speech.

When they can take that away from us on PUBLIC streets, we are lost, and tyranny is setting in. This decision will be used over and over again to attack our right to free speech.

America is under attack.


The Overnight Metamorphosis of America into Tyranny

There has been so much happening, so quickly, it has been difficult to keep on top of it all. They say shit rolls down hill, so I'll start at the top. Our president and vice president have officially come out, to say that they are above the law. Neither the President nor the Vice President's office are 'entities within the executive branch'. Their approach to these benchmarks have been heard, quietly, and in secret. On May 9, 2007, Bush Signed a Presidential Directive giving him power to Lead all three branches of government in event of ‘Catastrophic Emergency’, and that went almost completely unnoticed by the Main Stream Media. This week we follow up that directive with a letter from the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Waxman, he writes:

"Executive Order 12952, which President Bush has endorsed, directs the national archives to oversee a uniform system for protecting classified information. A key component of the EO directs the Information Security Oversight office withing the national Archives to inspect federal agencies and White House offices to ensure compliance with the security procedures required by the President. Acting under the authority of the Presidents EO the National Archives sought to conduct an on-site inspection of the office of the VP in 2004."

An inspection that Cheney refused to allow. The last time that Cheney allowed one of these inspections was in 2003, this is the first we are hearing about it, June 2007. In fact
Chairman Waxman outlines a disturbing pattern of Cheney's Efforts to Avoid Oversight and Accountability since 2001. A White House spokesperson came out to say that, Bush “gets to decide whether or not [Cheney] should be treated separately, and he’s decided that he should.” Oh, the White House said Bush said it was ok...Ok then.

Keith Olbermann called Dick Cheney "a shadow government unto himself,"
which would be funny if it was a joke, but unfortunately our government is being set up to become a dictatorship. Not exactly new news, but they are announcing their power to us, as we sit staring blankly at the box.

Also this week his famous "signing statements" have found their way to the headlines again. It has been widely publicized throughout his Presidency, how much he loves "signing statements", signing more than 1,100 of them since he took office. One this year when
"Congress directed the Pentagon in its 2007 budget request to account separately for the cost of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan". But Bush issued a signing statement, against releasing the cost separately, so the Pentagon complied with their president, no need for a congress. What was to be hidden there? We may never know, some on the Government Accountability Office are trying to find out...funny how interested they all become as elections grow near, but this will not save the Democrats, way too little way too late.

Further down the hill we roll...
Everyday this week there was a story about people being tased unjustifiably, some with videos, it is so barbaric. Whats worse are some of the reactions that people leave in the "comments" , blaming the victims of police brutality, "you should have just listened to the cop...if you just got down on your knees this never would have happened". The plan to intimidate us, and humiliate us to control us, is working, it appears to be easier to implement that anyone could have foreseen. The use of tasers is sickening, really, it makes my stomach turn. They are lethal when used on people with health conditions, yet the police use them without asking any questions, clearly this is a violation of our rights, but instead of fighting them we fear them, proclaiming our innocence, "I don't break any laws..." Sadly, to be tased you don't have to break any laws.

Another man in the news this week is a pastor from Colorado, he didn't break any laws either, but that didn't stop police from coming into a wedding and tearing his seven year old child from his mothers grip at gun point. This pastor went on the radio to discuss his nightmare, and Child Protective Services punished him further, telling him he should never have gone to the media. Kidnapping, and intimidation, and essentially a prison sentence for a seven year old, somewhere he cant leave surrounded by people he does not know. What has happened to us America?

Breaking apart our Country, Breaking down our government, and our communities but the most shameful of all they are dismantling our families, attempting to destroy our unity. They are trying to do it in the cover of darkness, They Will Not Succeed.



Barry Jennings: World Trade Center 7

Yesterday, The Alex Jones Radio Show had Jason Bermas back on to go over the latest news about World Trade Center Tower 7. Although Bermas slipped and said his first name on national radio, (with an international Internet audience) he is still refusing to confirm the identity of his source, or release the full 20 minute interview (until the unscheduled release of the Final Cut). Some people do not believe a movie release date is the proper timetable for truth. It is clear that the man on the tape is Barry Jennings, Deputy Director, Emergency Services Department, New York City Housing Authority. Mr. Jennings has already gone on the record. On 911 he was on the news covered with debris, like many survivors seen on television that day. Barry Jennings has put his full story on the record with Loose Change, and wanted to remain anonymous until the movie is released. If Jason Bermas had not said his name, that may have been possible, but that is no longer the case.

On the morning of 911 Barry Jennings with Mr. Hess, one of Rudy Giuliani's highest ranking appointed officials, New York city's corporation counsel, (Hess is a Yale and Harvard graduate, a lawyer who has represented the United States in numerous major cases).

It was just after the first attack on the North tower, but before the second plane hit the South Tower, when Barry Jennings escorted Michael Hess to the World Trade Center Tower 7. Mr. Jennings recalls a large number of police officers in the lobby of WTC 7 when they arrived. The two men went up to the 23rd floor, but could not get in, so they went back to the lobby and the police took them up in the freight elevator for a second try. When they arrived on level 23, at the Office of Emergency Management they found it had been recently deserted, "coffee that was on the desk, smoke was still coming off the coffee, I saw half eaten sandwiches".
At that point he made some phone calls, and an un-named individual told them to "leave, and leave right away". Jennings and Hess then proceeded to the stairs, and made it to level 6, when there was an explosion, and the stairwell collapsed from under their feet, Mr. Jennings was actually hanging, and had to climb back up. They made it back up to level 8, where Barry Jennings had a view of the twin towers, both buildings were still standing.
This is an important detail, as many debunkers have used Mr. Jennings statements out of context to claim the damage came to WTC 7 from the towers collapsing, not the case according, to Mr. Jennings.

The interview has been cut off where they say how they made it to the lobby, but when they did make it down, Mr. Jennings found it destroyed and littered with dead bodies. He said it looked like, "King Kong had came through it and stepped on it, so destroyed, I didn't know where I was. So destroyed that they had to take me out through a hole in the wall, that I believe the fire department made to get me out." Shortly after he made it out, he was seen on several news channels telling his story.

Mr. Jennings is still confused as to why Building 7 had to come down at all, and does not accept the official reason that the noises he heard were from a fuel oil tank, "I know what I heard, I heard explosions". Michael Hess has not made any public statements about that morning with Barry Jennings, perhaps we can call on wearechange.org to
document Michael Hess's account of the events on 911.

Since September 12 2001, there has been growing controversy surrounding World Trade Center 7. In the past few months more people are questioning the governments explanation, and the Main Stream Media's failure to ask important questions.
In February the BBC's live report from 911 saying that WTC 7 collapsed a half an hour before the collapse had occurred was completely ignored by the MSM. Around the same time Rosie O'Donnell pushed her 30 million viewers to Google WTC 7. Now Loose Change has captured a 20 minute long interview with a completely credible source, this is huge news, and hopefully they will feel compelled to release some more of the interview. Alex Jones is the executive producer of the latest edition of Loose Change, thus disabling his ability to speak freely about the issue. Hopefully this and other reports will help get Barry Jennings to come out to the public as soon as possible.

The Truth Will Set Us Free


Jason Bermas Reveals His Own WTC 7 Source, Barry Jennings

Today on the Alex Jones Radio Show Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas came on with some "new" information about 9/11. They had an interview recently with Barry Jennings (Deputy Director, Emergency Services Department, New York City Housing Authority). Barry Jennings has just one question...
"Why WTC 7 went down in the first place?"
He knows what he heard, and he heard explosions

The guys from Loose change wanted to keep Barry's identity a secret, "until the movie was released", even Alex Jones said he didn't agree with that. But Jason Bermas slipped and said his name, (Barry) on air. This is a powerful interview, and they are not scheduled to release the Final Cut until "late fall, or early winter", we just don't have that much time to sit on this kind of information. Barry Jennings is someone that has the ability to lure other eyewitnesses to the foreground.

Barry Jennings account on 911.


Instead of Showing Ed and Elaine Brown The Law, The IRS Would Rather See Them Dead.

On Thursday U.S. Marshals surrounded the home of Ed and Elaine Brown, a New Hampshire couple who were convicted of Tax Evasion in January. U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier, spoke to the press after hours of speculation, saying they had no plan of a raid, they just needed to "know where his supporters were." However, neighbors had reported heavily armed police and at least one armored vehicle near the Browns home, and roads surrounding the property had been closed off, (that's a lot of "space" and weaponry for mere surveillance). The Marshals did complete their supposed objective when they had an unexpected encounter with "supporter" Danny Riley, a friend of the Browns, who happened to be walking the dog. If it were not for him, the Browns say, they would be dead. Riley said that he was walking the dog when he was surrounded by men in gilley suits,(see photo) he then claims they shot at him and tased him,(Monier admits to taseing Riley).

The Browns say are willing to pay whatever they are bound by law to pay, they ask only that they are shown the law.
In fact, they have offered $1,000,000 in commercial property if anyone could "Show Ed the Law". Instead The Law came on Thursday, claiming this million dollar property as their own, not exactly what Ed had in mind. The Browns have been inside their home for the past few months, they say they will stay in their home, and will fight to the death if they have to. Was this "peaceful surveillance" a botched attempt to go in after the Browns? We just don't know the truth.

In 1994 The couple began writing the IRS asking to see the Law that obligates them to pay a Federal Income tax, and for two years they received no answers. In 1996 they informed the IRS that they would no longer be paying their taxes. They are willing to die, and the government would rather kill them then show them the law. Why don't they just show everyone the law, end this peacefully and let Ed and Elaine Brown pay what they owe?

"Live Free or Die"



Ron Paul, Champion of The Constitution

and the Debate....

CNN asks: "Who won the debate?"
RON PAUL won by a landslide!
The media is supposed report the facts, they should be reporting that Dr. Paul is crushing the other candidates, instead they are reporting "no clear winner".
These results are from their own POLL:

1. Ron Paul 55%

2. Rudy Giuliani 12%
2. John McCain 12%
2. Mitt Romney 12%

It could not be more clear.

Yet we have to listen to Anderson Cooper yap on about how Ron Paul barely gets 2% !
Thousands of people voted in their polls, but they choose to ignore us. This is Un American, and just plain sick. We are FED up with the Main Steam Media Propaganda, force feeding us the analysis of some overpaid (Cooper) Cronies .
This is not going to sit well with people it is time for THE TRUTH!

MSNBC is no better...
"Who Stood out from the pack?" MSNBC words their poll a little differently, yet the results are quite similar, RON PAUL, destroying the competition.

"we have a lot of goodness in this country and we should promote it but never through the barrel of a gun....you cant enforce our goodness like the neo cons preach with an armed force....it doesn't work and we have to admit it"

Support Ron Paul, because
no one has to die tomorroW.



The Main Ingredient in Psychotropic Drugs Has Been Put In Our Water Supply

It has become apparent that way too many people missed the point of "Tools of Eugenics: Fluoride". The key was in the first paragraph, "Continue to kid yourself and justify their assault if you must, " it seems I foresaw that unfortunate event. The facts have been refuted, unjustifiably, with comments that bear a strikingly similar tone of unwillingness to believe the truth about fluoride, simply because they never believed it before. Leaving themselves with the job of a mockingbird, spewing the same old propaganda, to comfort only themselves.

Ultimately it is the very drug they are being force fed that allows them to find comfort in the lies. Prozac is fluoride, more specifically, fluoxetine, "every molecule of fluoxetine actually contains three molecules of the toxin fluoride." And in the water it goes! It is that obviouse. Do the research before you swat at the facts. "Tools of Eugenics: Fluoride" is not the only article dealing with water fluoridation,
but is has enough links to start you off in the right direction. We deserve a life without forced medication from this government. Children deserve to grow up without chemical alterations to their brains, that lower their IQ, and cause cancer.

Another point that needs to be made clear is where it comes from. According to DR. Hardy Limeback's research most American cities are purchasing an industrial grade source of fluoride to fluoridate drinking water. It comes from smokestack scrubbers that produce phosphate fertilizer, its cheaper than the pharmaceutical grade. He explains,
"Tragically,that means we're not just dumping toxic fluoride into our drinking water. We're also exposing innocent, unsuspecting people to deadly elements of lead, arsenic and radium, all of them carcinogenic. Because of the cumulative properties of toxins, the detrimental effects on human health are catastrophic."
This is something that demands our attention, and yet its so difficult for many to even look at. They arent even telling you that Fluoride does anything for you, thats the sad part.
Buy A water filter that will remove fluoride. They are usually an add on filter, I use a Berkey with the Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Element. You will notice the difference, the water is so good, no smell, no toxic waste, no psychotropic drugs, the water hasn't been sitting in plastic bottles leaching chemicals, just fresh, uncontaminated water. Start here because you have to be fluoride free to even begin to understand what has been going on in this country.
There are many more Tools of Eugenics, and the best way to fight them is to first clear the fluorosis fog your in.

Tools Of Eugenics: Fluoride