the speech

Tonight our president is set to speak the truth, about the American people, and what the folks understand, and he'll explain all the facts too:
because the fact is, the American people want to be safe, we invade their homes and their privacy as a safety precaution. these folks know we are spying on them to make them safer.
im sure youll hear something very close to that.
I doubt bush will mention these wiretaps again, but if he does we have to KNOW that its all crap. No reason can he give that will allow for this intrusion, he is a liar and he surrounds himself with liars, willing to compromise integrity for self satisfaction, the satisfaction of a job well done, even when the job is detrimental for the base this country was founded upon.
The Attorney General Alberto Gonzolas was counsel to the white house at the time of the launch of illegal wiretaps, and he helped affirm Bushs authority to do so, and yet at his confirmation hearings, under oath he said, that it was not the policy of this president to break the law, he then told the comittee that he would be forthecoming with congress if any such warrentless surveilance should happen to arise. Good Job. It was like he couldnt shut up.
They want to invade our comunication with each other, for no other reason that I can think of but for controling us, intimidating us, and profiting from us. It has to be stopped, this administration is out of control, the power they have taken so brazenly is frightening, and illegal. They lead only for the purpose of profit, and we are making them more powerful and more rich, by sitting silently, the longer we sit, the more impossible it will be to stand up.
It has been reported that tonight Bush will announce that "America is addicted to oil". 2006, addicted to oil. WOW.
This man and other high ranking white house officials are OIL. This administration has brought oil companies record breaking profits, Exxon Mobil broke ALL records for any US company, with a profit of $36.13 BILLION in 2005. PROFITS! While you were gassing up at three dollars plus a gallon they are making these kinds of profits. This was price gauging, they could not have gained all those billions in profit any other way, sheer lawlessness.
We should be less dependant on oil of course, but we are drenched in it, they have been allowed to force it into our lives, we have been drowning in urban sprawl for decades, SUV's have been running us off the road and flipping over on our highways for the last fifteen years, but NOW we are addicted to oil. You need to stop, the government will not
stop the addiction for you, the sooner you can realize that your SUV and the trip to Walmart are hurting you and helping the big corporation, the sooner you will find freedom, thats where its hiding.

We will hear the same amount of lies and inconsistencies tonight, that we often hear from the Bush people. They stole America right out from under us, and he stands there spouting his definition of what a leader is and does for the people. He said last week that his job is to make decisions that affect many peoples lives. This guy sounds like some kind of lunatic, his decisions, we have Judicial and legislative branches also, and above all including king George, we have the constitution. This system was to ensure that no one person could be in control, the manipulation of the office of the president that we see today is unjust. There is not just one man, but one group using this man to promote themselves, so with the help of the neoconservitive movement George W. bush is president and With the help of George W. bush, the neoconservative movement has taken over.


be outraged

There are only a few hours left before the markets open and since it took a beating on Friday all eyes will be watching. The Dow was down 213 points when the bell rang, an observer pointed out, " the bell is two minutes early ", and indeed it was.

This drop was the biggest in about three years, just one week prior, on Friday the 13th, the Dow hit 11,000. It was like New Years eve on CNBC. As I watched it hit, and close just about at "the mark", I knew it couldn't last, this was impossible. It was as if they hadn't been watching the numbers at Christmas time. The low and high end retailers had been holding up ok, but no middle retail market. That consumer actually shopping at Target, but the media will have you believing that they were all upgrade to shopping at Saks. Of course there was the on again off again housing markets, "bubbles bursting" turned to "deflating frothy markets", either way, no more boom.

Our president , however feels quite different, he and his crew have been out "chattin' with the folks" about how good the economy is. You have to wonder then, why so much intense selling on Friday George? While Bush is out there chatting, our credit card minimums have been raised, and new bankruptcy laws have been implemented. Bush keeps saying its great and he knows this because, "the American people are working". The American people are finding jobs for min wage at walmart our nations biggest employer. He insists that everything is fine, but he recognizing America as a society that switches jobs often, these are what the Bush administration would call, "created jobs".

On Friday as the Dow was getting further into negative territory, Bush sent out 20 of his loyalists to get on the radio, and get the word out on the booming, economic growth. Treasury Secretary John Snow was one of the Bushco officials to report,"We are in something of a sweet spot for the American economy right now". Really, because last month he was urging congress to extend the debt limit. Snow said that the US wont be able to continue to finance government operations unless congress extends the debt limit, which we are expected to reach next month, 8.18 trillion dollars (Sweet spot?).

How much further in debt will we allow this government to drag us into? This president has allowed our nation to borrow $1.05 trillion from foreign governments and financial institutions. It is difficult to grasp the insanity of that number considering our accumulated debt (to such governments and institutions) for the first 224 years of and 42 presidents prior to W. was $40 billion less, he has outdone all his predecessors combined. He is a spend-a-holic (not surprising though considering). This debt limit has been reached and extended in late 2004 and 2002, and 2003, so maybe instead of raising the debt ceiling, bushco spending needs to be curbed, why wouldn't he raise it, if he is aloud he'll raise it as often as he can until 2008. Sounds like a real sweet spot, maybe that's the same spot that the main stream media has been hiding this entire story.


Above the Law

The Senate Judiciary committee will be voting on the confirmation of Samuel Alito next week. I had not been watching the hearings or following the "Alito story" too closely, (he will most likely be confirmed by the committee), today however, the story became interesting. The democrats lashed out at Bushco and Samuel Alito. Senator Leahy came out to say he will vote no to Alito who he feels will not provide the necessary check "at a time when the president is seizing unprecedented power" Senator Salazar will vote no as well, because "Alito would place to much power in the hands of the president." It sounds like the Democratic party has really focused in on this, it will be nice if they don't screw it up because this "expansion of presidential powers" is over the top.

This is not the first show of attack from the Democrats, earlier this week, on January 16th Senator Clinton was out doing some damage to Bush, describing his leadership as "one of the worst" in U.S. history. Al Gore took aim at our president as well,with a speech that FOX News chose not to air. Gore took on the the illegal wiretaps that Bush has been authorizing without warren ts for the few years . Gore concludes that Bush has been "breaking the law repeatedly and persistently" for just as long. The former 2004 election quitter hasn't had much to say for a while, its nice to have him back as long as he keeps firing at Bushco and their abuses of our government and laws. This administration responds by playing the same "national security" card, we are spying on you to protect you. A lot like we fight them in Iraq so we don't have to fight them here.

There have been Two lawsuits filed this week one from the American Civil Liberties Union and the other from The Center for Constitutional Rights, against the National Security Agency, its director, and "the heads of the other major security agencies." The White House shakes them off as "frivolous", that is difficult to hear, Bush has placed himself in a league of his own, going against the will of the people, against the good of the people, and above the law. who are they spying on? He was out there sharing with the folks about how a wire tap needed a court order, he knew he was lying, in fact as the words were coming out of his mouth someone in the United States was being spied on with a wiretap that he had authorized without a court order.


"by the way, any time you hear the United States government talking about wiretap, it requires – a wiretap requires a court order."

Bush 2004 Buffalo, N.Y.


back to the basics
I would like to bring the focus back to where I began no one has to die tomorrow.

Here we are in a new year, and after all those ridiculous speeches from Dick and Bush they still have no plan of ever leaving Iraq. They sound off about progress in Iraq, yet all signs are screaming FAILURE. They want to paint the anti war movement as a dishonor to the troops, while they suggest we honor those American soldiers that have died in Iraq, by killing more. It is just backwards, millions of people around the world were against this war, and in this country we couldn't get our leaders to stop. The number of American soldiers who died was important at one point, right around the 2000 mark, but now at 2222 dead soldiers,we barely here more than the headline three or five killed here and there. The Iraqi civilian casualties don't wear on any ones conscience, as if we are so detached, human life is human life, Iraqi or American. Our war has killed tens of thousands of children, women, and men. Our war has brought new threats and more violence to the people of Iraq. Our war has caused a new generation of hate towards America. Our war has caused conflict for all nations. Do you remember where you were when we shared in the "shock and awe" on our preffered news channel? That night was just the first day of the Bushco destruction, sponsored by you and me.
The Mainstream media has cornered you. Do you beleive that what you hear on the news is the full story, or the most important things you need to know, but realistically if its good for you to know, but bad for them if you do, are they really going to tell us about it? Of course not. Every time we see Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper on location or Sean Hannity on a horse in Mexico, you can bet there is something going on that you would be better off knowing and they would be better keeping you from knowing. These reporters are paid to gain our trust, they go only so far to bring us the "whole story". Everyday we hear about two stories of the day or week, whether its the miner story, or the Iraqi baby we saved, we are a country at war, and this is what media finds urgency in.
It is incredibly insulting.

Our election process has been comprimised, campaign contributions, paperless votes, and recounts, voting is a privlage that we are not given fairly. If your participation came and went with you voting for Kerry in 2004 you helped no one, or anything, anywhere. It is going to take more than voting in the presidential election to bring change, you were a mere participant in the two party system, a system that has failed us in recent years, 2004 was the election year to have your voices heard, to vote outside their system, instead you coddled Kerry's ego and ended up with a loser.

This administration brings wonderment to my eyes, they have overwhelming support from the very people they are crushing, the poor, the uninsured, college students, single parents. Bushco has taken rights away from all these groups and yet he finds their support, we are a misinformed preoccupied nation of complaisant people waiting for someone else to patch us together. The government has Americans wrapped up in making money, BIG cars, BIG house, BIG fat everything, with our ideals, our morals and our self worth shrinking because if we aren't achieving the BIG American lifestyle than we aren't as good as other Americans. Envy, and greed this is the leadership we have to turn to and the cost is our future, more importantly, our children's future. Our leader puts himself above the law of the land, he needs no approval before eavesdropping on us, so where exactly do our freedoms lie? And where is the future of America going? When the George W. Bush told us to go shopping after the twin towers fell and the pentagon was blown up, none of us looked back, because that place was a scary place, terrorists, dirty bombs, and duct tape, they scared us, feared us into their plot and that's when they had gained enough leverage to control us. America, the time has come to stop shopping! Let go of your two car household, walk away from the day care center, put down the plastic, step away from the big mac and become the true dream, it is sacrifice and your family is worth it.
Money is the root of all evil, and the American dream cannot be based on it, but the neo conservative movement is.

Two thousand two hundred and twenty two sodiers have now died in Iraq.