Engineering A Global Food Crisis: The Hardship Will Be Widespread

Home gardens throughout the UK have been destroyed. Leaves on tomato plants are curling and potatoes are deformed, carrots, peas, lettuce all deemed inedible and the timing couldn't be worse. Last week it was being reported that people were stealing vegetables right from their neighbors garden because of the increase of food prices.

A high volume of calls have been coming into the Pesticides Safety Directorate and so far it looks as though the problem with thousands of peoples gardens comes from fertilizer. “Manure that came from animals that were eating grass treated with a hormone based herbicide called aminopyralid, found in products made by Dow AgroSciences and used on grassland to control weeds.”

It is not safe to use on food crops, but its fine for animals to eat, then its okay for us to eat them (and the herbicide inside of them). The hormone based herbicide has gone through a long process, first the digestive systems of the animals, then out with the manure, which takes months to “mature” (ready to use as fertilizer) and after people have used it in their garden the soil is contaminated, the herbicide is still potent enough to kill the plants and it is even advised that you wait to replant anything in that soil for at least a year, maybe longer. Rendering peoples land useless for gardening…until further notice

DOW is no stranger to controversy, and judging from their track record they don’t hold human life in high regard.

In India they refuse to take responsibility for a poison gas spill, they will not clean it up and they will not provide clean water to the people. DOW is the second largest chemical company in America and they provided napalm to the US during Vietnam, and they are corrupting seeds around the world rolling out more GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). Now this giant can reach into our backyards and uproot our personal food supply.

Along with the people in the UK who will not be able to feed themselves from their own gardens, many of us will not be able to get all the food we are used to getting in our markets soon. Right now across the world they are literally flooding out farms, destroying the produce crops for this year. Other parts of the world are being dried out, to the point where crops could never survive like Cyprus where they are importing water. There is a food crisis going on throughout the world, even in America there are people standing in bread lines
rioting over food vouchers.

The future of food is being set up with disaster in mind. Bill Gates and the Rockefeller foundation have joined forces and begun storing seeds in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, aka the doomsday vault. Monsanto’s terminator technology could starve us all, seeds that die after one season and that carry a sterility trait that can cross pollinate destroying crops surrounding it. A situation that would devastate the worlds population, a plan that the eugenicists are salivating over.

Our food supply is under attack, and we are told the enemy is us. We are told that we have created a warming, but their weapons are advanced, and their skills are sharp, they make no mistakes, manure and herbicides, floods and drought, they all yield the same results.


Taking Action With We Are Change NYC

Today was a good day for 9/11 Truth, just like the eleventh day of every month many people hit the streets to get the word out. We drove into New York City from New Jersey, under a bright blue sky... with straight white clouds and planes at high altitudes going back and forth. These days its rare to have a day with no chemtrails above, but it was nonetheless a nice day, perfect weather.
We met up with We Are Change in Columbus Circle at Central Park where several people had gathered. We met an older gentleman who had been at the very same spot surrounded by soap boxes in 1931. He remembers it being the place where he caught a lot of heat one time from his father. After a crowd formed around someone speaking out on their soapbox, a man showed him and his friends a fist full of coins and threw them up into the crowd. The plan was for the boys to cause havoc under every ones feet, so the crowd would disperse, but his father stopped him, it wasn't worth the money. That spot became a big problem and traffic was eventually rerouted to make it a less convenient place to get to.

Today they are using fear and intimidation tactics to keep people in line, the city is covered with cops and they carry M-16's on the subways. It is difficult not to worry about why they would need a weapon like that, but the street action went on with few problems this afternoon. There was a group of about fifteen people handing out fliers and holding signs. Most people took the information as they went on their way, some stopped to read the signs, and only a few people didn't like what we had to say. But all around there was a lot of enthusiasm from everyone, many who passed by were interested in finding truth, saying they know the official story is flawed and they agree with a new investigation. The blatant lies have become too numerous for many to accept, and perhaps on the next eleventh day they will be mad enough to stand up and speak out too.


Bilderberg 2008 - Flying High Over The Target

By Amy de Miceli

The annual Bilderberg meeting was held from June fifth through the eighth on American soil, inside the Westfields Marriott Hotel, Chantilly Virginia, the same location as 2002.

Alex Jones and We Are Change along with about a hundred others showed up to let the globalists know that we are watching them and we know their plans. No member of the MSM felt that a meeting of 140 of some of the most powerful people in the world was worth covering, aside from those spinning the idea that their silence is good and a few other rags denying their existence. Luckily the real media - the underground media - was there to expose these criminals, Jim Tucker and Alex Jones lead the way.
Marriott Surveillance

For a week prior to Bilderberg, Jones put out a call for those close to the Marriott to head over to and get some footage from inside the building before they closed it to the public. One man named Adam shot some video, and then he was visited by a couple of guys who claimed to be Diplomatic Security. Another guy borrowed his Grandmothers car, drove over to the Marriott and was followed by two guys throughout the hotel. Later, some "officials" were sent over to his Aunt's house, and made a call to his Grandma. In both instances they were trying to insinuate that these gentlemen were planning some type of terrorism. Alex Jones didnt escape the harassment either, he made it into Virginia a few days early and captured his own footage of the Marriott. Later he was approached by a guy asking him if he would like to attack the state department. These are just a few examples of how closely they are instructed to watch us and once the meeting began their presence was always known.

The Meeting
Upon our arrival we journeyed to the hotel lounge of the Hilton, where a guy in a suit was watching a couch full of We Are Change members. He was covering his mouth and talking to himself, while an older gentleman was leaning back in his seat clearly eavesdropping on them as well. Instantly the reality of where I was set in.
Tucker made his annual attempt to enter the Marriott shortly after the Bilderberg meeting began, and he was once again denied entrance. Like every other year, there would be no press allowed inside to actually cover it. So he stood at the entrance and covered it from there, (while his moles operated from the inside). As the black cars and trucks with tinted windows rolled passed, cameras were ready, and many were exposed, like
Ben Bernanke, the current Fed Chairman.

Helicopter Ben attended Bilderberg as the stock
market plummeted nearly 400 points on Friday, it was instant results from Bilderberg this year. He's sitting inside the Bilderberg meeting as oil goes beyond 138 dollars a barrel! Jim Tucker had been saying 140 dollars a barrel for a few years and here it is crippling us.
There was also all that Obama and Hilary action, he was on the plane, then he wasn't. They met, then they hadn't and then she's out of the presidential race. (It is obvious Rockefeller wants to push the agenda forward too quickly but this kind of turn around time is ridiculous!) It has been reported that many came to Virginia to discuss war with Iran, but let's hope that doesn't happen any time soon.

The Protest
Every time these Bilderbergers entered and exited the Westfields Marriott they were reminded of their crimes, and reminded that we will fight for our sovereignty, and resist their tyranny. It was an honor to stand with so many people brave enough to tell these globalists what they can do with their New World Order. Jim Tucker said this was the biggest turnout for a Bilderberg meeting in America, and it was on par with meetings held in Europe. Alex Jones said this was the best one he had covered.

It was still difficult not to think that it could have been better had more people been bold enough to take the trip to Virginia. Some people took off from work, borrowed cars, asked their parents for help, and will be late on the mortgage just to have been there. They came from all across America, even some Canadians were there.
To the millions of people who didn't make it, you missed out and although the videos from Bilderberg 2008 contain great footage they do not capture the feeling of being there, watching this really happen, voicing your opposition right to their faces is worth being late on any payment.

The Local Police VS. The Secret Bilderberg Thugs
Overall there was no problem with the local police throughout the weekend, and that is in large part due to what unfolded early on. Thursday, a spokesman for Westfields Business Association, came out and made an attempt to move everyone to the other side of the street. He was asked if he was under pressure from the guests that were inside, and when he said "Yes I am" he knew he had been defeated. Then the police laid off a bit, their were too many people that knew too much about their rights. In many other cities the police would have been brutal.

There was only one incident when one of the protesters was manhandled. It was a bit disturbing, it was an actual thought crime that got him pulled from the crowd. He had written a post on a blog, under an alias no less, and they didn't like the way he was talking about his Second Amendment rights. They did'nt have to dig too far to figure out who he was and what he looked like, he himself said they probably used facebook.

When they were finished with planning on the best way to further enslave us they left, one black car at a time. Some covered their faces with papers or their hands, (Madeline Albright wouldn't even pull in) but some couldn't care less. Vernon Jordon Bill Clinton's former adviser, and the Bilderberg chairman himself Etienne Davignon, just sat back as they fled the scene and David Rockefeller was too slow to hide himself even if he wanted to (its no wonder he wants to move ahead with the New World Order so quickly, he'll be 93 next week).

Long Live The Republic
They tried all weekend to intimidate us, showing us how easily they can track us and violate our rights, photographing and videotaping each of us and running all of our licence plates, even Alex Jones' wife was harassed on the telephone this weekend by the minions of the global elite.
Clearly we were over the target this weekend in Chantilly Virginia.