the hijacking of the US
At 2 am this morning, congress passed its 50 billion dollar budget cuts. These 50 billion dollars, are a CUT, over five years, starting in 2006. Americans have these new cuts and costs, while the end to our home equity ATM machines comes down upon us, and home heating prices soaring just in time for winter, we are spending 2 Billion dollars every seven days in Iraq. This two billion dollars a week will be spent indefinitely because this administration refuses to make any kind of exit strategy. Lack of leadership from our president, he has been out of town. Its time for a little bush Q and A, but hes gone, next up the Holidays, lots of empty wishes to all the people his administration just screwed.
For four consecutive years Clinton held a surplus, we are currently 1.5 trillion dollars in debt, and over the past five years the debt limit has been raised four times.

With the extension of capital gains and dividend tax cuts, the beneficiaries of these cuts would be the most affluent individuals in America. Budget Cuts, are always necessary, but this kind of cutting is going cut people off from neceessities in life, health and education.
Leadership, at its best.
There will be a 9.5 billion dollar cut for medicaid. We will see a doubling of Medicaid co-payments, and each state having the opportunity to eliminate coverage for eyeglasses and dental care. These budget cuts, will cut food stamps, almost immediately to 50,000 people, while cutting food aid programs by 700 million dollars in total.
Children certainly aren't on the minds of our elected officials. More children of single parent homes, will slip deeper into poverty because of the slashing of child support enforcement. Children who have been placed in foster care, living with family members will lose finacial benfits.

This budget bill will also allow national forests to be plundered by special interest groups. Any land that has minerals on it will be allowed to be bought for below value prices, and be used for their own private use. This is disguised as a modification to mining law, but is more like a tool for private developers to steal millions of acres of our national forests. This was just a last minute provision thrown in for good measure.

These issues were small compared to the education cuts. With college education costs already on the rise, there will be 14.3 Billion dollars cut from student aid programs. "The taxes on student loans, up, interest rates on student loans, up, interest rates on loans for college taken by parents, up. The irony here is the budget cuts, is an actual transfer of debt, from America, to people trying to get an education. This thinking, is putting a college education as a privilege, not a right. With India, Japan and China competing harder than the US already, we have now given them an upper hand. Last year China graduated nine times the amount of English speaking engineers than America. Spending is needed for our schools, not cutting, our education system is in the toilet, and they are taking more away.
How are we benefiting, when these are our tools, how is this country investing in its future? We are without leadership, we are without a plan, we are without a future. We need to vote in every election at every level, it is not just our presidential races that are important. I voted for City Commissioner earlier this month and the pages they flipped through to find my name were bare, I was the only signature on that particular page, 18% turnout. This is the right we boast to the rest of the world, and 18% show up.
We need to bring the troops home, because no one has to die tomorrow, we need to stop hemorrhaging money in Iraq,
and stop giving tax cuts for the rich, and tax breaks for the oil companies.

America has been hijacked by the Neo Conservative Movement


2058 Americans killed in Iraq

2058 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq, since the start of the war. 2058 men and women have been killed on foreign soil, in a war that no one truly understands, and most people believe has been handled poorly, by Bushco. There are nearly eight times as many, 15,477 American soldiers that have been wounded, those are with serious injuries, missing limbs, and severe burns, this is a side of the war that they will not show us on twenty four seven cable news. And when are they allowed back home? In the middle of the night, no media, no pictures,no one to see . These lives were thrust into harms way by an administration seeking not truth and justice, or democracy, but money, they sought personal profit.

Iraqi's have lost their land, and (at conservative estimates) 30,000 men, woman, and children. An Iraqi humanitarian group is giving numbers of Iraqis killed in this war at 128,000, with 55% being woman and children under the age of 12. Imagine if the casualties are eight times that number, but unfortunatly the US doesn't know how many innocent people we bombed to death or severely wounded because, "we don't do body counts".

So, Who gets to win this war? One man, an American alli and a former intelligence provider, Ahmed Chalabi is trying. Chalabi was behind the sentiment that "Iraqi people will greet American troops with gratitude, as Saddams regime is toppled". Bushco felt such trust in Ahmed Chalabi that they had no planned wrap up of the Iraq Invasion, no exit strategy, and still, we have nothing.

Chalabi is currently the Interim Minister for oil and Deputy Prime Minister in Iraq. He is looking to be the President of Iraq. He is in the US for the next eight days to meet with Condi Rice, Dick Cheney, Stephan Hadley and RUMMY. The United states through the Pentagon had been paying chalabi over three hundred thousand dollars a month for intelligence information, leading up to the invasion of Iraq. The information we as American tax payers paid for, was Colin Powell's VERY BAD information he used to try to convince the the rest of the world, to support the invasion of Iraq.

Earlier this week Chalabi was met with reporters after meeting with Condoleeza Rice and was asked about his bogus intelligence that the US paid a lot of money for, to capture Chalabi's nemesis, he replied, "It's more important to look to the future than to the past". A fitting response.

A letter has been presented to Chalabi on behalf of Americans who want answers, and would like to see him testify under oath, in a Congressional committee, about all of his "intelligence" that proved to be false.

The Iraqi citizens and American soldiers have suffered these losses because our administration lied to us and made an attempt to link Iraq and saddam and 911, thirty thousand civilians to two thousand, and we were mad as hell. How mad do you think they are? How many generations of hate have we produced in the new liberated Iraq? This war is being fought in our names They will hate us, our children and our grandchildren, because OUR leaders lied. Ahmed Chalabi needs to testify.
To read and/sign the letter go
here .


Drilling through the
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Afterall we need our safe dependable, OBESE cars and trucks to get us to our jobs everyday. Right this very minute I am watching Cspan 2 as they are reading the votes on the "Cantwell Amendement". This amendement Prohibits leasing of oil and gas rights in Costal Plain area of Arctic Wildlife Refuge. Why call it a refuge? 44 years ago when this land was designated a refuge, that was defined as a shelter or protection from danger or distress. today that definition fell flat. This land seems to be designated to made untouchable, or to safely hoard it for future drilling.
It is impulsive to think that this is a solution.

The oil to be syphoned from the earth is hardly worth this violation of the ecosystem, and the death of the wildlife that was supposed to be protected. How much time does this buy us to wean ourselves from this black death? Now was the time to change, but unfortunatly, there has been a 48 to 51 vote not in favor of preserving this land.
We know that the automotive and oil industries control so much of our lives, it may hurt to think about it, but it goes right to our driveways with this urban sprawl. How many hours of your life, do you spend in traffic, sucking on the fumes of your fellow motorists tailpipe? Do you realize that these fumes are unavoidable in bumper to bumper traffic, and they do in fact cause cancer? There is a reason why SUV's are not available in other countries, and they pay a lot more for gas in europe, they know there is no future for oil. The time and money that we have aloud this government to put into drilling through a refuge, should have been put to better use. This is like putting a band aid on a broken arm.

They have us in a tight spot, and that is why they will drill. This administration has helped acheive record sales in the oil industry for the third quarter of this year. 30 billion dollars for the oil industry in PROFITS alone. Creating a record for a single company, 10 billion dollars profit for Exxon/Mobil alone. This government has aloud these companies to gouge us at the pumps while chanting "Hurricanes in the gulf, limited supplies, blah blah" then how on earth have they profitted? GOUGING, that is precisly how, and our government embraces them, afterall this white house has more loyalties to them then to us.

At peak production in 2025, this oil that we will obtain by destroying what was once protected, will not ease your price at the pump, it may save you one cent per gallon, ten to fifteen years from now.

A better solution would be to charge 2x's what they are currently charging at the pump, it would stop people from driving aimlessly, buying hummers (and other "Stupid Unnecessary Vehicles") it may get people to walk more, or ride a bike, or even better, just to stay the hell off the road, most people are really horrible drivers anyway. but that wont help the rich get richer, so for now, we live by their rules.


a man with a 7.1 billion dollar plan
Our president wants to give billions of dollars to drug companies, for the avian flu, as if drug companies don't profit enough from us, with commercials on tv and drug pushing from inside our doctors offices. Tamiflu is the drug that we have been hearing a lot about from our government as, " the best defense we have thus far against the avian flu", a flu, mind you that has killed a mere 62 people globally. Tamiflu is a medicine that MAY ease the symptoms of the flu.

Not so long ago, just about every media outlet in this country began demanding that bushco get a plan for a possible flu pandemic, and most people took the bait, and became outraged, so the government ordered 2 billion dollars worth of Tamiflu. The drug is manufactured by Roche, but developed by a company called Gilead Sciences, a company that Donald Rumsfeld was once the chairman of, and as of the end of last year held a considerable amount of stock in. Rummy has more than likely profited quite nicely from this purchase, and will no doubt profit some more if congress OK's the presidents proposal.

Tamiflu may only help if you get the shot before you get the sick, if you are already sick, no one really knows what it will do, maybe NOTHING. Its hardly worth the 2 billion dollars, that's a lot of money for an "unknown, unknown", and today the president announced he wants MORE. Billions of dollars for the purchase, and stockpiling of the antiviral medications Tamiflu and Relenza. This plan is a nice way to get martial law back on the block too. He is asking just as he did to get his war into Iraq, and how can congress say no?

This is an insane conflict of interest, just as the cheney halliburton conflict of interest. We allow the government, at all levels, and all political parties to profit from their own policies, leaving the american people with the bill, and the FEAR. This abuse of our democracy, Is right under our noses, but we find our media, and our so called journalists sipping from the Bushco chalice.