Part Two: The Money Masters: "How International Bankers Gained Control of America"

Part One can be found here.

In the second half the Money Masters seriesthere is still more to uncover, including a chilling...
prediction into our future, this was made in the nineties and they knew nothing of our Post 9-11 world, but
David Rockefeller The Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank (69-81) had this to say:

"we are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nation will accept the New World Order"


This is an eye opening look at how far back the control goes. America has been enslaved...willingly. The deceit of three Senators in 1913, was all that it took to mold their little money making machines. This history lesson is far reaching, and concludes with ideas for an independent America, if we haven't already "lost permanent control of our nation".

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Right Now EVERY "News" Channel is Showing Coverage of Jonbenet Ramsey

Main Stream Media in America,
Always bringing us the news that really matters.


Blood Money: Part II: America, Driving the World in Reverse

Part I "Blood Money: Driving Americans into Terrorism"

Bushco has set out to make more of their "base" happy. By consuming more oil than anyone else in the world we have proven ourselves to be selfish pigs. We drive SUV's that are so big, they cause more deaths on our highways . Between the urban sprawl, and the twelve miles per gallon, how is it justified? In our current "oil crisis", we produce three times less than what we use. This should be at the forefront of Americas battle to fight the "addiction to oil", a circumstance that Bushco and his campaign contributing big business compadres put us in, and now Americans seem willing to trust enough to get us out.

The way farming practices are today, it would take 8 gallons of oil to produce 10 of corn ethanol. Whats the point? Profiteering by a couple of undesirable companies. ADM is the 56th largest company in America, one of the top ten biggest polluters in the US and ironically the largest producer of ethanol in America. Cargill is the largest privately owned company in America. Cargill's CEO recently raised the idea that maybe the focus should be placed on growing food from the land, but truth be told, they want to up their ability to produce more ethanol, making it the number 2 US producer of ethanol (currently #4). Both ADM and Cargill are being sued by the International Labor Rights Fund, charged with trafficking, torture and forced labor of children who cultivate and harvest cocoa beans in the Ivory Coast. The lawsuit said children were trafficked from Mali,into the Ivory Coast, aged twelve to fourteen beaten and forced to work 14 hour days with no pay and little food or sleep. Greenpeace is accusing both corporations of destroying the rainforest in Brazil.

Our government should stop giving tax breaks to the big oil companies, develop an electric car and a plan for recharge stations, states should be forced to provide viable public transport, end our dependance of foreign oil, and to put a fire under Americans asses to wake them up ready to enter this "war against oil", the government should be charging more at the pump. If the government wanted what was best for the people of this country these things would be in place today, Democrats and Republicans are both to blame. We drive ourselves in these mundane circles supporting terrorism, depleating the earths supply of oil, ruining our ozone, and making wealthy families more money. Drive an SUV your contributing more than someone who drives a car, and you are more to blame, it is that simple.

Only More Questions Remain

If corn ethanol uses just about the same energy to produce what it yields why did congress pass the Energy Policy Act, that calls for double the amount of ethanol in gas to 7.5 billion gallons by 2012? If Cargill and ADM are supporting child slavery then why did the president endorse their industry, making it mandatory to hire these companies to produce twice as much ethanol as they have been? Where is our progress, why does America move so slowly it goes in reverse?

Enough already, today oil rose to nearly 77 dollars a barrel, because of BP's negligence in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. BP is the second largest oil company in the world, and earlier this year they allowed pipes to corrode, and leak, one went unnoticed for five days causing the biggest oil spill in Alaska since the
89 Exxon Valdez. BP released a statement today:
"On behalf of the BP Group, I apologize for the impact it is having on the nation and the State of Alaska."
Sure, they are sorry, but the price at the pump will be increasing because they didn't want to spend any of their massive profits on updating the oil field, because BP doesnt have to suffer, its the Alaskan environment, that they are plundering, that suffers.

Then I flipped to C-Span, where Republican
George Pataki was talking about how necessary it is for us to stop our independence on foreign oil, and to achieve that we must "open up drilling in the gulf coast", and the "Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)". But, practically in the same breath he says oil has "undeniable ties to continued environmental degradation". Who writes this double talk out of both sides of his face? Its insane, and it mostly goes unnoticed. He also admitted the ties that bind oil, and terrorism, calling them "undeniable" as well. That is what the whole speech should have been about, that should have been the headline because that is the point that most Americans are missing.

The neo conservitive movement that currently occupies our White House has lead this country into isolation from the world, and from one another. There is so much fighting and hostility surrounding Americans, energies are anxiouse, and tempers are high, our future has become cloudy and as long as they can find a loophole they arent breaking the law. I dont think this was what the founders of this country had hoped for our future. The Constituition is lost.



The latest from Alex Jones.


"911 and The Neocon Agenda, Facing The Facts"

If you are so sure that our government had nothing to do with September Eleventh, than you have failed to do any research, and you have taken the Main Stream Media (MSM), at their word. The MSM is controlled by five major corporations, it is irresponsible to take them at their word, and you should definitely watch this.

June 2006 the 911 truth movement held a conference in LA. C-span recently televised a panel discussion held during the conference, "American Scholars Symposium". Alex Jones hosted the panel, with , Professor of Physics, Steven Jones who gives a solid report on why the towers had to have been a controlled demolition. Lt. Col. Bob Bownan who had this to say:
"why weren't those planes intercepted? I'm an old interceptor pilot, i know the drill, how long it takes, the rules". Professor James Fetzer who raises the issue of the EPA findings at ground zero, and the impossibility of its findings, and Webster Tarpley who wrote a book I have not read, but says a lot about some things I have not heard much about, fresh.


Bushco Hiding Iraq War Behind Israel-Lebanon War

But the Rove spin machine is working overtime trying to convince America that Iran is hiding behind Hezbollah, in an attempt to shift focus off their "nuclear crisis". This is some power play from Bushco. They are accusing their latest enemy, Iran, with exactly what they are doing. Nice.

From most corners of the world shortly after Israel began their full force attack on Lebanon, via Hezbollah, you could hear the majority asking why Israel decided now to use full force? If anyone is pulling the stings in this war, its got to be Israel and their allies (us). They couldn't possibly believe that the whole world wont see past the fog of the Main Stream media, to see that it is Israel who is refusing a cease fire, and Israel that has leveled Beirut, and Israel that has stopped at nothing, and continues to tell the world that the fighting will not end.
Mr. Bush is the one hiding behind wars. Hiding his head behind this war, hoping that the focus of his war goes unnoticed for as long as Israel will fight. He is hiding the fact that 2578 of our American soldiers have died for no good reason, 426 so far this year, coming home in coffins, that no one will ever see, including our president, who will not attend funerals of the fallen. (GOP fundraisers in Miami in the midst of all this , sure). He hides nearly 20,000 troops who have been injured in this deplorable war, and he is hiding the enormous amount of civilian casualties in Iraq. Throughout the course of the day, today, it is estimated that 100 Iraqi civilians, will die and a 100 more will die tomorrow.
This war is beneath the "Mel Gibson" headlines and "heat wave" evaluations. This war is being overshadowed by the war in Lebanon, and Iran's involvement. An overshadowing that Mr bush enjoys all too often from his bought and paid for Media. It has been made clear that the next step for Bush and his gang of neo-cons is to dismantle Iran, whether it be by force or by sanction, they have their eyes on Iran.

The amount of pain the Israelis and the Lebanese people are suffering are not any less important, and this region of the world is in need of peace, and we are responsible for a HUGE part of this. In Afghanistan, and Iraq. Iraq is our war, we voted for it, we allowed it, we started it, unprovoked, and we need to end the occupation. Americas focus should remain on the Iraq war, it has cost American citizens more than three hundred billion dollars. That money would have been more than enough to give children in American quality health care, or better school systems, instead of the failing obsolete institutions, we call public education. The money that we have literally lost in Iraq isn't the worst of it, but, there could have been a lot of necessary change with three hundred billion dollars. Some way to give our children a chance, in the future, instead they are in danger of being the focus of hate, from the children who made it through the war and occupation America imposed on them. Some will live only to hate America and the death we brought to their homeland in 2003.

no one has to die tomorroW.