Wal*Mart is Ruining America

With Thanxgiving behind us, we can focus on ...shopping season (which began 5 AM Friday morning). People were lined up outside of every mall, and big box retailer across America, awaiting "all the bargains". Wal*Mart is slashing their prices again this year to attract the masses, (and destroy the last few independent stores). People get excited and they cant resist, but they should know that shopping at Wal*Mart is un-American and is turning America into a slave state.
Wal*Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices is a movie that every American should see. Help end Wal*Mart's rule over our cities and towns. There is a part of this documentary that is filmed in China, those workers can not or will not stand up for themselves and their rights, but we have to, otherwise we will end up looking more like them.

Watch the whole movie here, and buy a few copies of it here.

America can not survive with this kind of disregard for our country.


Wesley Snipes, A True Patriot, Taking On The NWO

Last month, Wesley Snipes was indicted in Florida on eight charges of fraud. He has been accused of failing to file tax returns for six years, and hes been slandered in the media. Earlier this week news broke of a deal with Snipes, but There is no deal. Snipes is currently in Namibia shooting the horror film "Gallowwalker." Namibia does not have any extradition treaty with the US, so the IRS is at a slight disadvantage for now.

According to his friend,
(and producer of "freedom to fascism") Aaron Russo, Snipes is getting everything in order before he comes out to defend himself against the IRS. Russo has been in contact with Snipes via email, and today he told a national radio show (The Alex Jones Show) that Wesley Snipes is completely aware of the New World Order, and that the tax sytem is a fraud. Snipes did not "fail to pay his taxes" he knew he did not have to.

Wesley Snipes has been receiving unfair press because of the ignorance of some TV personalities, and the dishonesty of their research teams.

Do your own research and learn how the IRS has made you their slave.

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"Hacking Democracy"

"When people see whats really going on,theres no way we will allow this to continue" Bev Harris

Hacking Democracy premiered Thursday night on HBO. Diebold tried to stop this documentary from airing but failed, just as they failed America, with their fascist vote counters.
"Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
Those who count the votes decide everything."

Computers count around 80 percent of votes in America. Diebold is one of the three major companies that make these Electronic Voting Machines, and it is against both federal and state law to look inside Diebold machines, so if your vote got "flipped", well too bad, the law is drawn in their favor. They choose the "President".

Do you hear any of the alarms going off? H.R 6166, or H.R 5122 ?

Come on, its in your face, "they stole our freedom"! If we have no say in who makes the rules for us to live by, then where do we find ourselves? The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) proposed that Americans should not be allowed to travel without permission from The DHS. We have found ourselves,in the middle of fake elections, we have lost our personal freedoms, we have been over taxed, out sourced, and brainwashed. Our children and grandchildren have a long road back to where we have fallen from. We have found ourselves hijacked.

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Alex Jones Hits the Main Stream.

Amazon, Netflix, Barnes and Noble, and Virgin are just a few of the stores carrying his latest movie, Terrorstorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism. It began to reach the shelves on Halloween and has quickly raced to the top 100 on Amazon, 63 at last check, this movie is going to the top! Out of the 37 reviews, 37 gave Terrorstorm 5/5 stars. Jones packed this documentary with information that may make your head explode.
check out the preview...

America has been hijacked, and its time to take it back. So many people have come out in support of this movie, its phenomenal. Terrorstorm is climbing on Amazon's top 100, and that sends a strong message to those of us who seem to be surrounded by an uninformed, disinterested public. People are "awake" , and will continue to spread the word. Alex Jones is risking his life to bring this information out into the light, its up to everyone to do something with it.

Go buy a couple of copies, or the real terrorists will win.