South Beach: Awake and In Motion

There have been 3,018 dead soldiers in combat and over 46,000 American soldiers have been wounded from this illegal war and last night George W. Bush came out and told the world that the best plan for Iraq was to send in more American troops. More than twenty thousand of them. Less than 24 hours later Americans hit the streets, all across the nation. A few different groups organized over 585 Emergency Protests, throughout the states.

In South Beach at the corner of Lincoln and Alton one of the protests was underway at 4:30pm. Small groups gathered on each of the four corners of the busy intersection. Some held signs encouraging the drivers to "HONK" in agreement and they did, which was nice, but it would have been nicer to see some of those drive by honkers get out of their cars to stand united with the rest of us. There was no real opposition, just one guy asking why anyone would bother in South Beach because "no one cares", and "gay people aren't political". This guy just seemed a little too happy being extra negative, looking to provoke people, but he was ignored by the peaceful bunch. All kinds of people were in attendance, but the younger protesters illuminated the heart of the matter "People do care, this is their future we are trying to protect".
The World Can't Wait was one of the organizers, and they have a more expanded plan to "Drive out The Bush Regime". When asked about throwing this new congress out if they don't make changes by 2008 spokeswoman, Sunsara Taylor said "we don't have that much time". Pelosi took Impeachment off the table, and that has infuriated the masses, these protests will not end here, Bush and the Democratic leadership seem to be partnered in this non issue, and we cannot and will not stand for it. It's good that they have shown their true colors so early in their majority roles, their arrogance has exceeded their ability. First and foremost HR 6166 needs to be repealed. They are supposed to uphold and defend The Constitution of the United States, instead they have watched for six years as the Bush administration has trampled it and now the Democrats have the ability to hold them accountable for the 655,000 innocent Iraqis that have died in OUR NAMES, and they have made it clear that they do not care, and will continue this New World Order agenda for the duration!
For those of you who don't follow sports the Superbowl is being held in Miami this year, and that weekend will be oozing with media across South Beach. Miami Beach Democratic Club will be part of a protest in South Beach on that weekend, they will once again place over three thousand cardboard tombstones at Lummus Park in honor of those killed so far. Show your support, call for an end to the Bush Regime, learn about and defend our Constitution, the future of America is everyones responsibility.



FEMA Camps: Be Afraid, Be Aware, Take Action

Alex Jones sent his crew, Kevin Smith* and Aaron Dykes out to investigate a FEMA camp in Taylor Texas earlier this week, and they brought back some disturbing footage, children behind barbed wire fences, for starters.

The Alex Jones Show has, once again, out done the Main Stream Media. His crew went out on the front lines to get this on tape. When journalist, Greg Palast, caught a FEMA camp on video in September 2006, he and his producer Matt Pascarella were charged with "unauthorized filming of a critical national security structure”, by the Department Of Homeland Security.
They were facing jail time, luckily charges were dropped.
Smith and Dykes went out while Jones remained live on the radio, I was listening while they tag teamed coverage, the broadcast was intense, they released the footage today.

They should be applauded.
*One suggestion, Kevin Smith should be allowed the mic when Jones takes the day off. Just my 2¢

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Democrats Will Not Escape Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan made her presence known on Capital Hill chanting "de-escalate, investigate, troops home now!" Rahm Emanuel was (ironically) ready to unveil the democrats "ethics legislation", when Sheehan and her crew of anti-war protesters shooed him back behind closed doors.
They do not want to talk domestic policy, it was clear why America came out on November 7th 2006, they voted against the war in Iraq, and in favor of bringing the troops home, and Sheehan is not going to let that slide.

What will these men and women on their third, fourth, and fifth tours in Iraq tell us when they come home, and settle in with their families? Perhaps the horror they are experiencing cannot be allowed to be shared with America and the world, and that is why Democrats and Republicans are keeping them there to die. Or maybe they are not done with their desensitization training, readying them for the New World Order.

Whatever the case may be, those of you who would like to label Cindy Sheehan a "left gatekeeper" should hold that thought a little longer, because this is her fight, and right now her fight is unveiling the Democrats bullshit rather quickly, three days into the new year and she wants ACTION from these posers. Three days in and she's on the front lines in their faces unafraid of their power, telling them to PUT UP OR SHUT UP, and go home.
Where were you while she was shouting at the Democrats, even louder than she has shouted at the Republicans in the past?