war at any cost
Since the iraq war started Iraq has lost more than twenty-six thousand innocent people. America has lost almost 2000 soldiers. Our news media does not think much about these lives lost, when was the last time you heard anderson cooper, or bill o'reilly drop the amount of iraqis killed? These people did not call on america to free them, at any amount of life lost. We have NO plan to leave this country, NO plan to save more innocent people from dying, and absolutly NO plan to bring our troops back home.
This war was never about freeing these people from saddam, or protecting ourselves, there were no WMD's. This war was about OIL. This white house is covered in oil. We have the former CEO of the company that is rebuilding Iraq, (and the gulf coast for that matter) in the white house,dick cheney. Condoleeza rice was on the board at chevron and also headed their committee on public policy before becoming our nations national security adviser, in fact they actually tried to name an oil tanker Condoleezza Rice. Bush himself started his long oil career in 1979.
This administration has knowingly made unture statements to us. We have been told, by our President, that the mission had been accomplished over 2 years ago. The secretary of the Department of the Treasury, john snow said, "The cost of the war will be small. We can afford the war, and we'll put it behind us." that was almost three years ago. We have beleived them for far too long.
As of today, this war has cost 197 billion dollars and its climbing, expected to reach over 204 billion dollars by the end of this year. Thanks to The Cost of War , we know that for the same cost, 119 million kids could be insured for a year, that would mean that every child in america could be insured, and not just by some crappy medcare alternitive. 197 billion dollars would be enough to fight hunger for 8 years world-wide, there are currently more than 852 million people across the world that are hungry. For 197 billion dollars, AID's programs could have been fully funded, globally, for 19 years. Of the worlds 34 million with aids, 30 million live in africa, and we chose to save the people of Iraq. If we wanted to have 197 billion dollars stretch over 65 years we could have insured that every child in the world was given basic immuinizations. Realisically, however, we never had a chance at spending this money in any other way. This war is costing american tax payers more than Five billion dollars a month! Our economy is'nt stable enough to support such an astonomical number, Iraq is only the size of California.
Bushco has no idea what to do about the war in Iraq, they only know that its the perfect time to plunder the oil, and the american tax payers money. They tell us whatever they have to in order to keep our interests limited. They dont want too many questions to be asked,while they keep syphining the oil. Bushco must be stopped. They managed to take hold of the 2004 elections by placing a fellow skull and bonesman as their opposition. There was never a shot at kerry being the president, and we should have all known that. As a nation we have lost a lot, and throughout the world we have lost our credibility. Please tell this adminiatration that No One Has To Die TommorroW.



the need for an "automatic trigger"

Since the start of hurricane katrina bush has been mentioning the military taking a larger role in responding to catastrophic events. Bushco is on the hunt for congress to repeal a law from 1878, the Posse Comitatus Act. This law prohibits the use of federal troops in domestic law enforcement. It bans the army, navy, air force, and marines from participating in police type activity on US soil. At the white house briefing on saturday, scott Mclellan started a dialogue with the media about posse comitatus and "working with congress to look at these issues" , as congress is needed to repeal this law. On sunday mclellan is making statements on behalf of the president "it's something he believes very strongly, that Congress needs to consider", (he goes on to drop another reason why these drastic measures may be neccassry, like "a disease pandemic, like an avian flu outbreak", bush used the same example "disease outbreaks", in his speech on sept. 15th.). Right now everything falls under the department of homeland security, it seems they want to move it to fall under the department of defense, Rummy.
By monday mclellan is calling it a need for an "automatic trigger", it sounds so impulsive, the progression over this issue, as silent as its been in the media, is intense. Slow down, everybody should have been checking each others work in the gulf coast before katrina. This "automatic trigger" they are looking for could easily be common sense. It seems to me that hurricane Katrina was a win all around for bushco, the less competent everyone was, the bigger the payoff. Now this attempt to high jack our rights, is being rushed right by us. Just some perspective, one of the supporters of repealing the posse comitatis act is Mr. PNAC himself, wolfowitz, hes testified that it would be a good idea to give federal troops a role in policing citizens for preventing terrorism. That could mean whatever they want, "preventing terrorism" , it would be like a preemptive attack on us. hopefully the lesson has been learned already, when they gave bushco the patriot act. You cant blink around here without our civil liberties being repealed by these people.


step away from the freedom fry
We rely on the F.D.A. to tell us what is safe and clean, to eat and drink,their standards are questionable. Earlier this week the nyt reported on french fries. Apparently fries, and potato chips, (baked or fried) "are loaded with a chemical called acrylamide, which has been known to cause cancer in lab rats". It turns out in 2002 the world health organization, (WHO) called an emergency panel to look into the potential health risks of acrylamide, the chemical may be created when you heat starchy foods at high temperatures (it is also used in the manufacturing of plastics!).
Despite the years of research, and the reviews going on into one of the most popular foods in america, most of us had never heard of acrylamide before. Some in California, have waited long enough and are trying to get fries and chips labeled with a warning stating they contain a chemical that causes cancer (acrylamide). While some, are fighting for the label warning, others fight to keep the warnings off the chips, the biggest being the Food and drug administration. The F.D.A. does not want to make a decision on labeling until they complete their own review, which has been waiting for a completion since 2002, and wont be complete until 2007
. In california they may not have to wait, the attorney general has already filed lawsuits with mcdonalds, burger king, frito lay and six more companies. These companies and the rest of the fast food industry must be frightened at the prospect of everyone knowing what they already know, that their food is shit, and it causes cancer.



if no one reports it, did it even happen?

when will anyone acknowledge the anti war movement? I cant understand why an event so huge, in the nations capital, wouldn't get, so much as a sentence on the news saturday. Cspan estimates 500000 people marched in DC on Saturday, protesting the war in iraq. not a word was spoken about this (half a million people anti war march), on the news. not a peep! Bush rushed into austin early this afternoon, while the protesting in washington began. signs read, "bush lied, thousands died", and "impeach bush", but bushco was off to rescue the hurricane ravaged refineries. No matter, we know the standard form letter answer, "we fight them there to avoid fighting them here", but really, since 911 what has happened here? what and who are we fighting? 911 is a day, that four years later, we have more questions about, and not enough answers to base more wars upon. This administration has been dishonest with us. Dragged our troops into harms way for no reason, a preemptive attack, that had no exit strategy. The only thing the iraq war is accomplishing besides making bushco more wealthy, is making young iraqi's, and muslims hate us.

This morning at five am thousands of people went to amtrak stations along the east coast, including penn station,to get on an amtrak train to washington dc to march with those 500000 other people to stop the iraq war, but they got beat. amtrak let them sit and wait they missed the protest. 13 Amtrak commuter trains either were delayed or canceled because of an electrical outage. that is truly amazing.
while cindy sheehan tells the crowds of people that "We are here ... to show our government, to show our media, to show America that we mean business, and we're not going home until every last one of our troops is home," the media couldnt even hear her, because everyone was in texas. This can lead me to only one conclusion, that the media is owned by the government, and no one cares about the people.

They didnt have a single sentence to report.



he sure is.


hurricane kat-rita

Is it just me? Does'nt it seem odd to you how similar these two are?

Where is the interest in the fact that these two storms have been very close together in timing, in size, in formation, where they formed and in path. This one is headed right for oil refineries, just as katrina was.

If some economists thought that katrina alone could trigger a reccession, than what will a second hurricane, of this force, do now? There are over 200000 people jobless because of katrina, plus jobless claims rose to the highest levels in two years, this all before rita, and these numbers are just claims, they exclude the people who are out of work and are unable to make claims.

With the cost of Iraq and Katrina, what will the bill add up to when rita gets added in? Will it be as if we were fighting three wars? It seems to me that these storms are going to make some rich people even wealthier, leaving most americans caught in the struggle to make ends meet.

sumthin aint right.


On wed the senate judiciary committee held a hearing to find out about the atta issue, and the destruction of ABLE DANGER documents.
In 1999 ABLE DANGER was created by the united states army to id people with ties to terrorists, then sometime around jan 01 a HUGE amount of this information was destroyed by the army. In 2000 there was a chart complete with 60 names thought to be linked to al qaida, some had photos, one of which was atta, none of this information made it into the 911 commission, even though the members of the commission were told by shaffer three seperate times. The chart had one definate copy floating around rep. curt weldon had a copy, he passed it along to the hands of the national security adviser steven hadley. where the hell is hadley? He has not stepped up, and the white house is ignoring this issue.
At the senate judiciary committee yesterday we heard from mark zaid, instead of his client, lt. col. anthoney shaffer because shaffer and four other key witnesses, were not aloud to testify, the PENTAGON ordered them not to. We also heard from some guy the pentagon threw up there to testify who admittedly knew very little about ABLE DANGER. There was also testimony from the man who destroyed the ABLE DANGER documents, because he was "following procedure". He testified that he destroyed both classified and unclassified information.
The people we needed to hear from were stopped by RUMMY.
The commitee chairman, sen arlen specter is upset with the DOD questioning their motives of this obstruction, "I think the Department of Defense owes the American people an explanation of what went on here".
This is a mess. the 911 report is useless, they chose what to print and what to exclude, they chose what information we should be basing conclusions upon, they chose to hide information about the biggest terrorist attack on american soil. That ABLE DANGER's findings were not included is just one more reason to question this administration full of liars.
everyone should be outraged at the amount of issues going on throughout this country, and how many lies this administration has surrounding them all. Its time for bushco to go!


katrinas payoff

In a couple of hours bush will be hitting the networks. I am slightly interested to see this one sided affair. His speech, according to the AP will have no audience, and no one around to disagree with him as usual. Scott mclellan said bushs speech will focus on "the way forward" , and jump-starting the reconstruction. REBUILD RENEW REBUILD SPEND SPEND SPEND! This will be more expensive than Iraq has been over three years, according to congressional officials. hes tossing billions around, into a terrific funnel that empties into his pockets (and pockets of friends). Republicans said "Karl Rove, the White House deputy chief of staff and Mr. Bush's chief political adviser, was in charge of the reconstruction effort." This is like spitting on those "outing a cia covert agent" allegations. This is them doing whatever the hell they want. The contracts and the money are blatently on their way to , Fluor, the shaw group and other republican linked corps. New orleans will become a rebuilt city lacking the heart that made it great, instead it will become a corporate playground. They have sent these displaced people to all kinds of places, very far from home, leaving them with the challenge of returning. Almost impossible to do without any money. Most of these people will never get to return to their homes. They will have been declared unsafe, tore down and rebuilt by the very powers that REFUSED to save them when Katrina came to New Orleans.




On September fourteenth four house committees, house judiciary committee, house international relations committee, house permanent select committee on intelligence, and the house armed services committee will be meeting to discuss the outing of valerie plame as a CIA covert agent, better known as "ROVEGATE". Turn on the news or pick up the paper and you wont find anything about it, but Rep. John Conyers released a statement today in an attempt to "out" some republicans by having their votes, and opinions heard over the internet. In his statement he expressed his frustration with the " dragging of the feet" that has gone on:
"The Bush Administration refuses to police itself in the midst of criminal and ethical misconduct and it is time for Congress to exercise its duty to oversee the Executive Branch." Republicans wanted to sidestep these committees meeting because they didnt want to "interrupt" the ongoing investigation, by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald. Even though this investigation, has 21 members of the white house involved, including our president and vice president. As of today there have been no indictments.

listen in:

House Judiciary Committee, Wednesday, September 14, 10 AM,ET
House International Relations Committee, Wednesday: 10:30 AM, ET,
House Armed Services Committee, Time TBA, Tuesday, September 20,




On september eleventh he was a "principal" in a company called Securacom that provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport. marvin also sat as director of a company that carried some insurance of the WTC on september eleventh as well, HCC Insurance holdings inc. also his brother is the president. marvin bush.
airport, airline, target, clean up, what are the friggen odds?

Things get a touch confusing but, Marvin is also co-founder and partner in Winston Partners, a private investment firm. Winston Partners is part of a larger firm called the Chatterjee Group. The Chatterjee Group consists of a bunch of companies,firms and groups. The Chatterjee Group owns 5.5 million shares in a security company known as Sybase. Shares are divided up pretty evenly between, Winston Partners LP Winston Partners LLC holding and Winston Partners LDC. Sybase has contracts with the navy, the army, dod, the commerce, the treasury and the agricultural dept, WOW. inside information was a bitch for martha but not for marvin. Sybase was awarded over fourteen million dollars in contract in 2001.

There is also a very strange and eerie twist on marvin bush something just is not right. the babysitter for his children was killed in an odd accident. Bertha Champagne was killed by her own car in front of the bush's home. She left the house to get something out of the car, it must have been left in gear because when she was in front of the car it began to roll it rolled with her pinned right into an intersection. This happened September 29 but the washington post, the ONLY media outlet to cover the story at all, reported it six days later October 5 on page 3 of the Metro section.

This has to mean something to the people who dont see what makes anti bush people so angry. They are corrupt people, stealing our country, profiting from wars they start, and disasters they let rage out of control. Running american tax dollars around in a big circle right back into their own pockets. Marvin profits every time W makes a move, he was the head of the security in WTC, how could we let this massive conflict of interest was take place? The president the press, no one never thought WE might want to know, or needed to know that the presidents brother was responsible for security at dulles international airport that day. the government pushed those settlements at 911 survivors that agreed not to file lawsuits, do you think maybe they would have wanted to file lawsuits against maybe the security of the airlines, or the airport, they would definatly need to know what kind of security Securacom was actually providing.
im sure there will be more to learn about marvin.



keeping john roberts quiet
I have just finished watching the opening statements from the senate and john roberts for his confirmation hearing. This guy has been prepped and re prepped for these hearings that they could hardly be believable. I have very little faith left in the senate to do anything right, but perhaps with their re election votes on the line they may stand up to the task at hand, like true representitives of the people. Unfortunatly republican senators today went over the top in preparing john roberts to keep his mouth shut. ``Some have said that nominees who do not spill their guts about whatever a senator wants to know are hiding something from the American people,'' said sen orrin hatch, R-Utah. ``Some compare a nominee's refusal to violate his judicial oath or abandon judicial ethics to taking the Fifth Amendment.These might be catchy sound bites, but they are patently false.'' and sen john cornyn, a republican from texas said, "Just because we are curious does not mean that our curiosity should be satisfied. You have no obligation to tell us how you will rule on any issues that might come before you if you sit on the Supreme Court." he went on to say "don't take the bait." These types of statements are outrageouse. That is what they make of issues like civil rights, civil liberties, environmental protection, free speech, privacy rights, corporate power abuse, women's rights, workers rights, and many more . This is the bait? this so called bait is his own record biting him in his own ass. not bait, his work, his words, his judgements. who knows what else there is to know because bushco has yet to reveal all of his record. "Because the administration at least so far has chosen not to allow the Senate to have access to his full record, we can only wonder what they don't want us to know," said Kennedy, in his opening statements today. There is no need to rush to fill this very important, very definite seat. The supreme court can operate without a chief justice for now. There is no need to simply appoint this man to the highest court because that's who bush co has hand picked for this spot. Roberts will make decisions that will affect our children and grandchildren. He only has to answer to this committee ONE TIME, he can answer the questions, and the senators urging him to keep his mouth shut are putting us out of their focus.
If you have not already, please
save the court.



1906 vs. 2005

In April 1906 San Francisco expirienced the "Great Earthquake" only to be followed by the "Seventh Greatest Fire", a fire that burned the city for four days. The quake was felt about 375,000 square miles, half of which was in the Pacific Ocean. Approximately 275,000 people were left without homes,in San Francisco while the population was only 400,000. The death toll was 3,000. Total devistation of the city, but not its people.

In August 2005 New Orleans expirienced Hurricane Katrina, followed by three levee breaches, and massive flooding. This hurricane spanned over three states and several cities, with about a million people affected by it. New Orleans being the only city hit by both. The death toll has yet be confirmed but estimates range from 10 to 40 thousand people. This number is extemely high compared to 1906. Of course in 1906 those people were not left to die by their government. The death toll in the 2005 disaster while this goverment lets the people die of malnutrition, dehydration, and disease.

Could it be that in 1906 we had a better system in place to deal with disaters? In a post 9 1 1 world? That is almost a hundred years, and America has fallen way behind itself. There was no FEMA in 1906, just some god damb commen sense. Luckily, we now have FEMA. After September 11 2001 FEMA became a part of homeland security. The head of FEMA then hired his former college room mate, Michael Brown to take his place. Michael brown was in the process of resigning from being a lawyer for the International arabian horse association, after an onslaught of lawsuits over disciplinary actions. Perfect timing! In Jan 2005 Michael Brown was caught "overpaying" $12 million to miami. Now with the Hurricane Katrina disaster knocking at his door he chooses to blame on the people who chose not to leave their homes. This was who New Orleans had to rely on.

FEMA has the purpose of coordinating the work of federal, state, and local agencies in responding to floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. It is obvious who to blame, and yes now is the time to point fingers and blame, because tomorrow no one will be held responsible, that is the best way for bush co to get out of trouble, its scott mclellan's favorite saying " now is not the time for pointing fingers..."

It was utter devastation to San Francisco. After the an hour the first army troops from Fort Mason reported at the Hall of Justice. After just several hours they decide to shoot looters, the govener arrived, they managed to evacuate the city, bring ships in to house people, set up medical facilities, and transfer prisoners to alcatraz. Tents were being set up and more of everything was on the way, all within twenty four hours! Theses are the people San Francisco had to rely on.

Its 2005, if people need help, and they are dying, you just get them help, thats all. I put full responsibility on our president, thats where the chain of command ends, and all this devistation is on his doorstep. It is time to point fingers, it is time to place the blame, he has failed the people of New orleans, he has failed to do his job, he was playing a friggen guitar while these people were losing everything. My confidence is lost. You would think this was a no brainer, americans in trouble, help them.

Imagine in 1906 having a better shot at surviving a disaster of this magnitude than in 2005.



911 is a joke

As we approach the fourth anniversary of september 11th 2001, its time to consider the possibility that what you saw, was only what they wanted you to see. Loose Change is important for everyone to see.
"A conspiracy theory is a theory that claims an event or series of events is the result of secret manipulations by two or more individuals or an organization, rather than the result of a single perpetrator or natural occurrence."
As the documentary says " Its not a theory if you can prove it."
Please watch this movie.





I have been wondering this month why is cindy sheehan being aloud to grab headlines. She lends just enough controversy to grab Everyone's attention. Any "left wing" person would be sure to be hooked on her story, anyone leaning "right" would surely condem her. The media has given her just enough attention throughout the beginning of august to make ABLE DANGER vanish from the headlines. (not to mention the rove plame issue) she has worked out just fine. Now the vacation is over, and we have the worst natural disaster on our soil to keep our attention away from the one event that has changed our lives. September eleventh.
ABLE DANGER was a Pentagon intelligence operation, an 18-month highly classified operation. “Developing targeting information for al-Qaida on a global scale”, as described by Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, the first member of ABLE DANGER to speak publicly about his role with the operation. ABLE DANGER had been monitoring mohammed atta for two years prior to 911. Shaffer notified the FBI in 2000 a year prior to 911, and urged them to arrest Atta, the Pentagon’s lawyers intervened and protected Atta for reasons that remain unclear. This information, although disclosed to kean and hamilton, the chair and vice chair of the 911 commission, was somehow left out of the report. Now, if the 911 commission's purpose was to collect and connect all information on the attacks, why wasn't ABLE DANGER's atta information included? This leaves the question, "did anyone in the pentagon know in advance what atta had planned for 911?" That is the billion dollar question. Let yourself brainstorm a few things, why, if they knew, would the pentagon choose to ignore?
So, the event that has changed our lives, without it the government would never had been able to put us in line with its patriotic rhetoric, the invading Iraq, going to war for preventing war, they could never have the war on terrorism and the war on our rights, as americans, the patriot act would never be able to exist. so why would they want to stop it? check out pnac. When the towers came down, they saw their chance, to create that which is america today.